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10 fun facts about this feathered weeb Quixadex

This is only character not me in real life yo

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Quixadex_Knoxwell2017-06-03 18:36:06

bonus..Quixadex actually have 10 children the recent one is actually twins except one of them is a still born.

Quixadex_Knoxwell2017-06-03 18:34:47

1. when ever they die too much or get killed by some holy weapon..They have to go back to spritial state until they get summoned again.

Quixadex_Knoxwell2017-06-03 18:32:30

2.Quix is not even handsome...They are one of the ugly gods lol

Quixadex_Knoxwell2017-06-03 18:30:34

3.Quix doesn't have an ass but gods don't poop so that doesn't even matter

Quixadex_Knoxwell2017-06-03 18:29:44

4. the stitch like thing on face is actually a birth mark

Quixadex_Knoxwell2017-06-03 18:28:31

5.Have a long split tongue but doesn't even matter (5 inches)

Quixadex_Knoxwell2017-06-03 18:26:40

6.Sometimes have to wear glasses because to correct colors

Quixadex_Knoxwell2017-06-03 18:21:49

7.Is kind of the weakest out of all gods...Because they act more human?

Quixadex_Knoxwell2017-06-03 18:19:40

8.Personality of this dude was inspired by Satan from Leo and Satan made by OneyNG but added stuff (idk how to spell shit now lol)

Quixadex_Knoxwell2017-06-03 18:16:36

Oh well 9. Quix is a "failed god" suppose to be satan in some new world but it got ruined?So yeah :P

Quixadex_Knoxwell2017-06-03 17:54:35


Quixadex_Knoxwell2017-06-03 17:53:55

(probably everyone know rightnow)10.actually have both genitals male and female...Male is a form of tentacles 6 of them.2 of them are huge tho.The tentacles give out wierd gray like substance it used for lubication...yee.The female part is located inside the throat so have 3 holes inside dem throat yo.Also you can actually get Quixadex to produce a egg from this.The egg will be a size of a chicken egg but later it turns to a size of a baseball.But Quix have to heck out of the egg? idek

Tem_Shop_With_Temmie2017-06-03 17:44:10

Weed rasin

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