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I'm done with this site. I'm leaving. It just doesn't satisfy my needs anymore. i'll explain better in the comments

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Goku2017-05-09 10:53:53

If you ever need something or just want to talk you can always send me a message

Fernclaw2017-05-08 20:36:41

However, if you must leave, you can. I'm just hoping we can stay in touch and that things look up in your favor sometime soon. I'm sorry that you feel forgotten on this site, but maybe when everybody starts coming back, that'll change. ^-^ For now, I can only tell you to stay strong and keep hoping for the world to be brighter. I really, REALLY, hope we can talk again sometime later this week. It'd be fun- refreshing to say the least. Stay strong, Kaneki-cat! <3

Fernclaw2017-05-08 20:33:41

to lift you up. I hope we can talk sometime soon, I'd love to hear what you have to say. Slimber may be dead as of now, but Im hoping it'll spring to life when school and exams finish. I miss a whole lot of people here too, which has diminished my interest greatly. Also, the time I try to invest almost never goes to be used for leisure anymore. However, I was so excited when you started coming back on Slimber. It felt like a trickle of my old Slimberian family was coming back.

Fernclaw2017-05-08 20:31:12

Hey man. It'd be hard for me to say "I understand you" because I really don't (that wasn't meant to be rude, it was just trying to tell you that I can't even begin to comprehend your awful situation which you don't deserve). We all perceive things in different ways and your life sounds so hard from the looks of it. But I always do wish to talk to you, it's just that I always never catch you. I wish things could get better for you, you truly need something

Tem_Shop_With_Temmie2017-05-08 18:12:07

I'm sorry if I fucked this site up by liking somebody who likes to fuck-- And guess what, I felt like leaving not so long ago, kind of the same reason not feeling like anybody cares. UNTIL' THAT ONE FUCKED UP POST I MADE GODDAMN-- And yes it is very dead now, I think alot of the users moved to Toonator or left due to shit posters like me-- But I really don't want you to leave--

inugami2017-05-08 17:47:56

but fuck, no one would even care right? lol. i should've just disappeared like last time. wouldnt've mattered

inugami2017-05-08 17:46:15

Twitch: bestwaifus
Crunchyroll: Chi-stle
MyAnimeList: CoolerSasuke
Instagram: PRIVATE, ask if you're close to me

inugami2017-05-08 17:42:15

Where to find me-
Deviantart: Ryekage
Tumblr: Dumbsasuke
Alternate Tumblr: ryevvy
Youtube: Saucegay Uchiha (the one with the Tobi icon)
Twitter: ryevvy

inugami2017-05-08 17:40:24

This website just drains me honestly. I can't stand it. Like I said, only 3 people have actually interacted with me. It's pretty lonely here.
This is my last goodbye.
Who knows? Maybe I'll be back some day.


inugami2017-05-08 17:38:32

but now it's not. It's not worth my time.

inugami2017-05-08 17:38:10

Fourthly, I have problems. Many problems. I have suicidal tendencies. Depression has ruined my life. The people I call my family are the worst. I'm nothing to them. I'm worthless. I have episodes sometimes where I just... go on a rampage. Being on slimber and seeing all this bullshit isn't helping.
Fifthly, I'm not even needed here. This site isn't for me anymore. I hate its tools, I hate its layout. It's awful. It's dead as FUCK now. It used to be poppin'

inugami2017-05-08 17:33:37

Thirdly, my poor computer. This website fucks my computer up, down, and sideways. It's been laggy as hell only when I have the gallery open. It freezes and messes it up. I have a pretty good computer. Not as good as say, Pewdiepie, or some big person. It gets the job done. But that goes to shit when this hellhole is open.

(even more)

inugami2017-05-08 17:30:15

First off, I need that validation™. I need people to pay attention to me. I need people to remember me. I want people to talk to me 'n stuff. Only 3 people ever do. I need more. I feel forgotten on this site.
Sometimes, I develop a god complex. This site just doesn't give me the satisfaction I need. I want to feel on top of the world. I want old ex friends to pay. I can't channel these feelings well when I'm on this site.

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