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Fernclaw2017-06-26 19:23:01

we'll find him," she stated. (Bye)

Fernclaw2017-06-26 19:22:44

Zax looked at his scars, his own fingers reaching up to trail his own cheek scar. "Wow, you.. certainly have gone through a lot since last time. May I ask.. why? And how?" he interrogated. He studied Tripp's face more, just to ascertain that he wasn't fake.
Fern placed her hand firmly on Obeyda's shoulder, giving her a slight nod to reasssure her. "I'm sure that Vague and Stacey couldn't have gone too far. Vague obviously needs Stacey for a reason, and we&

AMPCheetah2017-06-26 19:18:59


AMPCheetah2017-06-26 19:10:50

Obeyda turned to Fern and frowned. "I-I don't know, I messed up...I don't think I can fix it."

AMPCheetah2017-06-26 19:09:47

(Ooh hold on i had a late post i may need to edit some stuff)

AMPCheetah2017-06-26 19:09:20

Tripp sat up and laughed weakly. "Well...uh..no, actually. It's a long story, but that's my name." He'd pause. "Jeez, I haven't seen you in forever." He winced suddenly, and shut the eye that had been crossed with a scar.
Obeyda ran over, looking out of breath. "I-I'm so sorry if I'm messing up a reunion or something..but Stacey, he's gone. Vague too. I honestly have no idea what happened."

Fernclaw2017-06-26 19:08:45

( o dang Imma gonna need another character to get in on this)
Fern ran to the area, hearing a powerful boom sound from outside her house. She was anxious and unprepared, but her trusty katana would be of some aid. She ran onto the scene where her eyes fell upon Obeyda, Tripp, and Zax. There was no major enemy in sight, so Fern's eyebrow naturally raised in bewilderment. "Obeyda, is everything ok? I heard some pretty loud noises," she muttered, her eyes still scanning the area.

Fernclaw2017-06-26 19:06:20

-whole situation wasn't expected.

Fernclaw2017-06-26 19:05:40

Zax crawled off of Tripp, his hands hastily going to wipe his eyes before any tears were shed. However, his body trembled in quiet crying as he sat hunched over, his voice muffled as he sniffled. This couldn't be true. He..died. He died! This was a faker, it had to be. Zax looked up from his hands, his eyes locking with Tripp's eyes. "W-What do you mean T-Tripp? Did you legally c-change your name or?" Zax weakly chuckled, making an attempt at a joke. It was pathetic, but this

AMPCheetah2017-06-26 19:03:56

-which brought a figure to her side. He stood silently, looking slightly confused, but frozen in the tornodoe that surrounded Vague and himself.
"Stacey..?" Obeyda asked softly. But before anyone could resond, they were gone. "TRIPP??" Obeyda yelled, transforming back into her original form.

AMPCheetah2017-06-26 18:59:53

Tripp yelled out as he was pinned, alarmed. "M-my name is Tripp Cross." He'd look Zax in the eyes and shakily say, "But you'd know me better as the person you stabbed in the stomach about a year and a half ago."
Obeyda saw Vague's dismay, and adding to her confusion, saw that the elemental began to fade away. Vague looked around frantically before yelling out, "I'm not going...not without help, at least." She snapped her fingers, (cont.)

Fernclaw2017-06-26 18:55:44

Zax's previous look of angered authority had softened into an unforgettable expression of anguished insecurity.

Fernclaw2017-06-26 18:54:59

Tripp down, but slight pools of water started to become evident in his eyes as his arms quivered with realization.

Fernclaw2017-06-26 18:54:28

Zax was even more puzzled by this stranger's comment and smirk. His confusion was soon overtaken by anger and he tackled the being, knowing no restraints. His hands kept Tripp pinned to the ground and he snarled in his face, not liking being the stupid one in the equation. "What do you mean?" Zax inquired, his eyes trying to observe the person further. However, traits started becoming more similar and recognizable and Zax's eyes widened as his voice hitched. He was still pinn

AMPCheetah2017-06-26 18:48:57

Obeyda looked down, and to her confusion saw that she was wearing a pale blue dress. Dirty blonde ringlets fell in front of her face, but Vague looked morose. Emotion? Confusion? Obeyda looked her in the eyes, but said nothing.

AMPCheetah2017-06-26 18:46:50

Tripp just winced and jumped down from the tree. "You don't have to be sorry. But it was nice seeing you again, Zax." He said with a smirk.
Obeyda reached Vague and tapped her shoulder immediately turning into what she thought was the elemental. "Wait..." she said, realizing that she had shortened in stature rather than met Vague's insane height of eight feet. "This isn't right....b-but my shapeshifting can't be wrong; who are you?" (cont.)

Fernclaw2017-06-26 18:42:26

-shouldn't matter. Sorry for being curious," he retorted angrily, not exactly an expert at making new acquaintances.

Fernclaw2017-06-26 18:41:49

Zax nodded his agitated approval to Obeyda, but his eyes remained on Tripp. For some reason he felt hurt, offended by this. He couldn't begin to comprehend why but he felt like he knew Tripp. He felt so familiar but Zax couldn't place his tongue on it. Zax hid his slight moment of shock behind a steel poker face, lowering his head towards the ground. He mumbled something angrily before simply turning to watch Obeyda instead of staring at this stranger. "You're right, it shoul

AMPCheetah2017-06-26 18:36:35

(Oh whoops xD)
-curiousity. "Why should it matter to you?"

Fernclaw2017-06-26 18:35:36

(Is there more?)

AMPCheetah2017-06-26 18:29:34

"Yeah well you're here, so do something!" Obeyda yelled, fuming with stress. Vague fell back slightly at the electricity caused by Zax and stumbled for a moment, looking dizzy. "Thanks!" Obeyda laughed, looking at Zax gratefully. She continued to absorb Vagues magic and fire it back at her. "What was that you said again?" Obeyda said slyly. "Something about...winning?"
Vague frowned and backed away. Tripp looked at Zax and tilted his head with mock c

Fernclaw2017-06-26 18:24:58

-muttered, flinching from the onslaught of magic booming around him.

Fernclaw2017-06-26 18:24:30

Zax let out a growl and sneered at Obeyda, his eyes blazing with anger and confusion. "I didn't sign up for this," he stated, yet he reached for his long, spear-like weapon anyways. Fern had been rubbing off on the community. He threw the electrified spear at Vague, holding his ground and inching his way closer to the center of the battlefield. He managed to scoot close enough to Tripp, holding his arm out just in case he needed to fire another spear. "Who are you?" he m

AMPCheetah2017-06-26 18:20:08

Obeyda looked at Zax with confusion. "Are you okay? Can you help, or are you just going to stand there??" She fell back from one of the attacks. Vague scoffed.

AMPCheetah2017-06-26 18:18:33

Tripp just sighed and looked away. He couldn't just leave Vague to kill Obeyda while he tried to get Zax to recognize him. Obeyda had managed to get his scythe back for him, and he swung it mercilessly at Vague--but with no avail. She attacked back strongly with another force that landed him in a tree, but this time Obeyda yelled at him. "It's no use! Stay out of this, Tripp, she can only be defeated with magic!" She ran towards Vague, mirroring each of her attacks.

Fernclaw2017-06-26 18:12:39

Zax noticed that Tripp was staring at him, and he returned the stare. However, his eyes were slightly narrowed. He never was one for being subtle. "Why are you staring at me?" he accusingly spat at Tripp. However, Zax was keeping his tabs on Vague, his body armor constantly recording new traits about Vague.

AMPCheetah2017-06-26 18:05:03

Vague laughed a little, looking everyone up and down. "You're so funny." She pointed to Tripp, which sent him flying into a tree. "I thought you were gone..." She'd shrug. "But I suppose not. I wasn't strong enough then; but I am now." Tripp winced and stood up, glancing at Zax. He froze, and stared at him for a moment.
"Cat got your tongue?" Vague pressured.
Obeyda scowled.

Fernclaw2017-06-26 18:00:20

Zax stepped slowly into the battle scene, his hand reaching for his weapon but at the same time stopping. He didn't need to help anyone. But- there was something about this that intrigued him. Zax stayed on the sidelines, his orange eyes scrutinizing every feature of Tripp. Why did he seem so familiar? Zax jogged his mind, still standing completely still.

AMPCheetah2017-06-26 17:57:14

-Tripp looked at her with shock, and traces of anger. "What do you think you're doing?? I can handle this myself."

AMPCheetah2017-06-26 17:56:32

Obeyda noticed Zax, and walked up behind him curiously. "Hullo, have you seen-" She paused and tilted her head, noticing the fight between Vague and Tripp. "uh..nevermind." She immediately ran over, motioning for Zax to follow. "I don't know who you are, but we could use some help!" She smiled faintly before turning to Vague and using her "wing" hands to duplicate the elemental's power. "Looks like you've been evenly matched, eh?"

Fernclaw2017-06-26 17:49:59

Zax was sauntering around the forest, his tail whisking behind him in order of any surprise attacks. In these times, one had to always be careful. Espeically Fern. With the amount of enemies she has made, he was surprised her head wasn't on somebody's wall by this point. It was a gruesome thought but it was sure to happen sometime. He continued walking deep in thought, before pausing. He thought he heard... scuffling. His eyebrow cocked curiously and he waited, analyzing the sound.

AMPCheetah2017-06-26 17:48:19

(Vague has returned)

Fernclaw2017-06-26 17:47:45

(My lord)

AMPCheetah2017-06-26 17:44:18


Tripp staggered away from the wind elemental, looking dishelved and vexed. He looked around for his scythe, which Vague had just launched across the area. She smirked and proceeded to stand idle, making herself an easy target. "Didn't think you could win, could you?" She asked calmly, using a swift motion of her hand to bring the scythe to her. "It's over."

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