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...and he will give you rest..

ref: http://tinyurl.com/5sjlhzt except i made it softened without the clouds and stuff. I actually really like this one :D

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Songsparrow2012-06-29 16:43:02

u make it look so easy... Or is it easy to u?

Songsparrow2012-06-29 16:41:43

*speechless... again*

jessica2011-10-25 00:41:25

exalenta like you star gotta come and see my stuff

CM2011-09-08 18:58:18

Nice balance and transitions between colors. :)

Hiss-terycal2011-08-16 11:51:28

I can't explain how much i like this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rebecca 2011-08-03 12:11:03

how did you learn how to draw like that because its really hard to draw on a computer, it might look easy but like i just said its diffucult

Anthony AKA Matt2011-07-27 19:22:43

I am jealous >.<

Anthony AKA Matt2011-07-27 19:21:40

This is beautiful! HOW?? XD

alicia2011-07-27 09:44:50

all your paintings are so beautiful!

Lemontree 20112011-07-19 19:49:14

Beee UUU tttiii ful! :)

Meep2011-07-17 15:41:29


Dreama Lilly 2011-07-16 12:28:06

I love It! It really shows up small, I guess small shouldn't matter, but it does when it comes to people viewing it..........anyway I look forward to more;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

MamaKat2011-07-15 23:04:34

Outstanding! I loved watching your draw on this one. It was like watching your mind work. I could see where you wanted to go and it was fun watching you get there. Great job on this one Steeben! : )

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