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aye..im back....//kena

Sorry if i was gone for a LONG time..agian....my laptop broke so now im using a new one and it does not have a mouse to use!this laptop im using is called isus...btwmore in comments

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Nightmarebonnie2017-01-08 07:25:57

Thats good.

Kena2017-01-08 07:15:25

im fine

Nightmarebonnie2017-01-08 07:13:05

Hewo Kena! And i'm doing okay. Cause I'm really sick. So anyways how are you?

Kena2017-01-08 05:55:11

ir now..btw how are you all doing?i saw what was happending while i was gone and before i got here so yeah...and i saw that there was some new ppl coming in slimber!so..hello there new people!

Kena2017-01-08 05:53:13

my parents was fighting for awhile and now they finally stop!yeah...and i sign in my account before i was going to say hi here so um..yeah..btw...happy \late\ new year! //i khow that i have no time to say this but whatever..\...i changed some of the characters i gonna use on this place for now since is 2017!sooo...i gonna make refs for them and make new ones for zalgokena,kena and briana becase i changed them a litte...kena still looks the same but she got a haircut so...she has shorter ha

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