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Baby/Newborn Feathertins Biology stuff :,)

Baby Feathertins are small enough to hold in your hand :,) They make peeps and squeaks.(more in comments :,))

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Legendary2018-03-05 11:57:22

I WanT OnE

QuixadexThePrincipal2018-03-05 10:53:03

i probably draw Quixadex as a baby feathertin :,)

QuixadexThePrincipal2018-03-05 10:52:31

They can defend themselves by spiking out their feathers making themselves look bigger but not really tho because their little fluffy bean bodies are w e ak af

QuixadexThePrincipal2018-03-05 10:50:45

it's common to see twins or triplets...Plus they only base colored to fit their biological parents feather color and the body isn't fully develop like the genitals and the eyesight isn't :,) so it's hard to see their gender until later in months but you can cheat by taking them to a test or something lmao

QuixadexThePrincipal2018-03-05 10:47:35

They mostly crawl around but q u i c k af so you gotta add little bells onto them :,)

QuixadexThePrincipal2018-03-05 10:46:44

The squeaks are oddly kitten like.They have little claw hooks to replace as fingers so they can hook onto their parents feathers or clothes.They have small teeth so they need to eat soft food :,)

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