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Goku2017-03-24 08:39:39

My hangouts is eeyepatch@gmail.com!

And yea I have to use a trackpad, lmao i'll probably just get a job this summer and get a tablet

inugami2017-03-24 01:29:43

you still draw with a trackpad? you're so good at it :''O

wait you have hangouts? what is it? :o

Goku2017-03-24 01:16:32

Yeah I honestly only come on when I feel like doing digital art, which is almost never because I hate drawing with a trackpad lmao rip...

Also yeah it's nice talking to you again too :0 tbh I just stopped using skype because I had too many things like kik/hangouts/messenger/skype/etc and I hated checking all of them so I just stopped using pretty much everything besides hangouts (I have shit taste in messengers, just like my shit taste in waifus)

inugami2017-03-24 01:08:51

haha man don't sweat it :D i didnt think you did tho

I'm so glad i managed to catch you tho! i would always see your posts hours after you logged off of here :'O i've been wanting to catch up with you!

Goku2017-03-24 01:03:38

Nah I don't really talk to anyone I used to know from slimber haha, sorry about that

and yoo it's fine, school is tough sometimes but i'm sure you'll get through :"0 Glad you're good tho!

inugami2017-03-24 00:56:27

Ikr ;;

I've been good! I'm currently failing most (if not all) classes at school tho lmaoo ripp

are you still in touch with eren and/or anon??

Goku2017-03-23 23:34:11

Tbh I have to draw your sona, she's so cute

Goku2017-03-23 23:33:43

Ah dude, Kiku! It's been awhile man, I stopped using skype and I don't think we ever talked after that sadly D: But anyway i've been good, hbu?

Oi-Its-Hetalia2017-03-23 20:29:14


inugami2017-03-23 20:12:18

Goku!! It's me, Kiku! Damn, how long was it since we last talked? How are you doing? :D

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