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@Belivin ⭐

Belivin I need you to stay strong for me. Things may be hard for you but there are millions of adults who are living today like my dad because they never let that stop them. I need you to do the same.

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LonelyDemon2017-12-29 23:22:24

Sorry I was drawing and no you should not stop, you are showing strongly that you care :)

QuixadextheTeacher2017-12-29 22:44:59

Um..Should I stop?If you want me to stop you can tell me pal.

LonelyDemon2017-12-29 22:44:17

@Belivin Go to drawing <---

LonelyDemon2017-12-29 22:43:37

But if you do feel sad: Option 1: Vent. Option 2: Talk to us :). Option 3: Do both.

LonelyDemon2017-12-29 22:42:41

Yeah Belivin Quix is right :(

Belivin2017-12-29 22:40:32

crawls in ball


QuixadextheTeacher2017-12-29 22:40:25

*wh o ops accidently press enter sorry

QuixadextheTeacher2017-12-29 22:39:55

It leaves the victim feeling worthless which can lead to depression it's not a fine path to walk on because i have walked on depression before.I

QuixadextheTeacher2017-12-29 22:38:14

Well it's ok if you don't like getting attention i can back off...But it's improtant to bring attention to these type of stituations like this.Because it can be damaging for the victim physically or mentally.

LonelyDemon2017-12-29 22:38:01

@Belivin Satan comment So when K had this demonic growl when K was just crawling on the floor in the pure dark(I turned off all the lights and started crawling around like a demon) Then I growled in a demonic voice but I didn't know I could do that. THAN I KEPT DOING IT >:D

LonelyDemon2017-12-29 22:36:17

Like does he even brush his teeth-Oh wait-He can't.

LonelyDemon2017-12-29 22:35:55

@Belivin I will hold on

LonelyDemon2017-12-29 22:35:35

Satan was breathing his HOT BREATH on my ear when I was in 3 grade. That's because when I was little got something I shouldn't have and I was like SCARED of the dark and what's in it. And every night I couldn't sleep so K became nocturnal so now no sometimes I only need 2 hours of sleep

Belivin2017-12-29 22:35:30

ha ha... i don't like grabbing attention *covers face with hoodie*

Belivin2017-12-29 22:33:44

look it up

LonelyDemon2017-12-29 22:33:09

@Quix Thx u :)

@Belivin But what your mom is doing is Illegal so if you do tell the police excatly what she's been doing for what-All these years and you had to go through it and she thinks the ok!? No, she'll go to jail-And what is JJD?

Belivin2017-12-29 22:32:07

satan HAS took over me ONCE and i know how because i got a demonic vocie at that time

QuixadextheTeacher2017-12-29 22:31:50

It's better off than being mentally abused by your mom tho.

LonelyDemon2017-12-29 22:30:16

You need to up your game and throw away the shame but the Demons get up you know do then down again *Background ppl: LOOOOOOOVE GET THE CAMERA OUT* Sorry..This is tough love, I don't do this ever but I need you Belivin, and so do everyone else on Slimber

Belivin2017-12-29 22:30:06

i can call 911 on my mom but i will go to djj like my friends :')

Belivin2017-12-29 22:29:13

i start twiching or when i get asked about something personal, i say "can i ask you something that's personal"

LonelyDemon2017-12-29 22:28:47

But I know God is watching and he sees all of the sinners but those are devils and they ty to get to you but Belivin *Looks her in eyes* If you let them I can't help you. You have to help yourself you are capable of blocking this out but Humans over time have gotten..More sensetive so t may be hard but you still can do it you're just not doing it hard enough. I was thinking of suicide but I know that's not the answer, I would just go to hell for that-But Belivin

QuixadextheTeacher2017-12-29 22:28:42

Ay Belivin It's better is to stand up for yourself you can't just sit there and take it all in.It'll damage your mental health.Even if it's siblings or anything else.You gotta show that you're the boss there.Even if you think you're not strong enough you gotta at least try.If it gets out of hand you can at least a hotline or the police.

LonelyDemon2017-12-29 22:25:53

I don't know if they will do the same for u but..My sanity got out of hand and then my friends told me that the principal said noone can bully me or else they suspended cuz they afraid I will do...it...again..But anyway! Yeah they still do so probably it was a lie but guess what I do? I cry at night :')-Dont do that Belivin.

LonelyDemon2017-12-29 22:24:15

They young they don't know what they talking about and if I see u honestly I would rather glare them but I know I can't do that but I surely will.

Belivin2017-12-29 22:22:08

i cant inhale the fuck of whispers behind me, even young ones are talking shit about me

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