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Blissclaw of Riverclan

Her theme song is: Numbers by Daughter. I'll write her backstory in the comments!! :>

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The_Cute_Cookie2017-10-22 15:24:12

oooo! i loaf it! :3

xLegendaryWolfx2017-10-22 12:39:11


RubyRain2017-10-22 12:16:16

Blissclaw told him to leave her alone, but he didn't. Blissclaw said she didn't love him anymore, and he about fricken killed her durring a patrol. She ended up about fricken dying, but Foxstar came along and killed Jaspertail because he wasn't gonna give up till he couldn't fight anymore. Blissclaw told herself she wasn't gonna fall in love again, but Foxstar was super sweet and nice to her and she trusts him and loves him so yeah :>

RubyRain2017-10-22 12:13:11

Blissclaw was born in Riverclan durring leafbare. She had a little sister named Frostkit. Her mother was SlateFeather, and her father was Sunpool. A sickness came through camp and killed Frostkit, yet Blisskit survived. Her parents died in a war against rogues while Blisspaw was an apprentice. Blisspaw had a crush on a tom named Jasperpaw up intil they were warriors. Jaspertail and Blissclaw were a "couple" until Jaspertail became abusive and demanding. ( not done )

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