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blizard:hey snowflake! snowflake:hm?

blizard:ice cube brough donuts i made sure to save you one before the others ate them all you like chocolate right?

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if you click one yesterdays drawing you'll see what shows their from your welcome kena nicky out

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black hat,dr flug,dimentia and 505

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ed,double d,eddy,jack,blossom,bubbles,buttercup,dexter,dee dee,ben,numbuh's 1,2,3,4,5,billy,mandy,grim,johnny,cow,chicken,mac,bloo,coco,wilt,edwardo,lazlo,clam,raj,courage,robot jones,adam,jack,winser,lupae,slips,ingrid,chowder,flapjack,k'nuckles,finn,jake,mordicai,rigby,gumball,darwin,steven,garnet,amythist,pearl,uncle grandpa,belly bag,mr gus,pizza steve,clarence,jeff,sumo,ice bear,panda,grizz

gremlins gizmo ze geek2017-10-21 09:00:23

me:shes the only snowgirl here. frostbite:man why's uncle blizard so nice to mom? he's never this nice to the lava women. its weird.(eats donut) heatwave:i know and your dad and my mom are rivals. frostbite:tell me about it why do they hate each other anyway? heatwave:i don't know at least we like each other.

gremlins gizmo ze geek2017-10-21 08:53:47

snowflake:(giggles) aw thank you blizard. blizard:aw shucks your welcome=3. snow ball:they're pretty chummy and for some reason i don't like it. me:why. snowball:shes my wife and i'm her husband. me:oh. snowball:what is it about her that makes my little brothers is friendly? is it because shes a girl?

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