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can some one please tell me...

what did i do to tem shop with temmie?

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legendarywolf123452017-04-30 08:15:55


Tem_Shop_With_Temmie2017-04-29 14:47:30

I C a r e A s M u c h A s M y F r i e n d s H a t e M e .

ShadowDJ2017-04-29 14:47:01

even me?

gremlins gizmo ze geek2017-04-29 14:37:31

anger problems thats the same thing i have also i was gonna draw your request bon bon remember from last night now that i know you hate almost everyone on this site i'm starting to have second thoughts beleive me i hate almost everyone on this god damn planet

ShadowDJ2017-04-29 14:35:22


ShadowDJ2017-04-29 14:35:07

why...wont you tell their name

ShadowDJ2017-04-29 14:34:24

(im slow at typing)

ShadowDJ2017-04-29 14:33:43

thats not what i asked i asked why do you hate me what did i ever do to you? and how should i know you have anger problems and dont asay "well how should i know you are sensetive" i just want to do art and make new friends

ShadowDJ2017-04-29 14:26:24

and i wanted to be her friend...

ShadowDJ2017-04-29 14:25:42

when she said that i did cry and im still crying alittle and im VERY sensetive

gremlins gizmo ze geek2017-04-29 14:16:22

bendy:yeah tem tem what did she ever do to you.

ShadowDJ2017-04-29 14:15:48

look on the wip befor "fine ill go tem shop with temmie"

gremlins gizmo ze geek2017-04-29 14:13:04

nothing i just don't know why temmie why do you hate shadowDJ

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