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Creppy Pasta. "Cute Dog"

I'll tell the creppy pasta in the comments.

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Nightmarebonnie2016-12-29 09:36:09

Prt 3. It turned night , She fit though the bars of her bigger cage. She ran away. On shreets she slep in some trees. More humans picked her up. Took her in , Then she started to talk, She said "Things will get will messy and bloody" She said with a smile, so the next day she was given away, She killed both of them. She was gone the next day. (I'll finsh this later)

Nightmarebonnie2016-12-29 09:19:59

Thank you Grape

Nightmarebonnie2016-12-29 09:18:44

Prt 2. There was one knife found on the sidewalk. And one dog. Smling her face off wagging her tail, She was tooken to a foster home, She lived there for two days same thing happened, But this time the dog was covered in b l o o d. The dog was not hurt in anyway, So this time she when't to a no kill pound. with onw other dog, She found glass on the floor and she stabbed the other dog with the glass. She was covered in blood , So they though she hid as someone killed the other dog.

Grape2016-12-29 09:08:10


Nightmarebonnie2016-12-29 09:00:21

There was once a black and white dog, With no name it wandered around Colorado Springs where there is many killings,shootings etc. This female dog was infact homeless and always will be. One night a few kids playing outside late found the dog, And called for there parents. There parents saw the dog, and told them to all keep on to the dog, There was three kids so they shared the dog for three days they all lived close. till all the kids and there parents where found dead. Prt 1

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