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Cyprus Knees

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Laurel 472013-02-22 23:08:31

Thank you for the wonderful comment I am just sorry I did not see it before. I guess you would say it is a hobby. All the drawings come from my head/memory, or wishes.....I do work in other mediums, pastels and some water color, no oils for a long time but this was different and I have learned a lot drawing with slimber, I hope I have improved. Only trouble is you loose all your work on here. I never had any training whatsoever. Again thank you

Alicia Gern2012-10-20 23:46:33

Your work is mesmerizing. I love the colors and tones in this one along with the contrast and texture. do you work from photos for composition? How long have you been doing this? Do you work in other media? Is this your hobby or profession? Sorry for all the questions, but I'm just absolutely intrigued by your gorgeous art!

Vanessa122012-09-30 20:18:01

I Wish i could draw like this .....

Dreama L.2012-08-23 06:07:21


Miracle Tempest2012-08-11 09:29:44


william2012-08-09 15:16:52

I love this

Dreama L.2012-07-15 06:50:18

This is just gorgeous! I love it

Fatima2012-07-02 04:47:20

All the drawings are very beautiful

Fatima2012-07-02 04:45:57


Laurel 472012-03-16 17:23:03

sure.............i do sunsets a lot

Kassidy Lewis2012-03-16 12:13:19

Could you make me a sunset

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