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This is my Dog Oc, DollFace! He has the Disorder Angel something where you are always happy no matter WHAT! He is very close to RainPie but don't be fooled by his face, he's harmful~ ;)

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RainPie2017-12-24 10:11:03

One day he made her his and they made pups. She mad them 10 Months later and it was three of them. One looked completely like him but with red eyes, it was a he. The other looked like RainPie but the green was replaced with black and he had purple eyes. The last one was completely white and had pink eyes, that was a he too. The first one was Toy, second was Licorish, third one was Baby.

RainPie2017-12-24 10:01:45

FreeBark(A world I made) and conceded and she was stunned. She stayed silent for a while and he started walking away but she stopped him, "Doll..." "Yes..?" "I...I love you too-" He cut her off by kissing her. She blushed and kissed back, enjoying it(My dirty no life lookin-). They became mates and all da male wolves were sooo jealous that he won her heart lol.

RainPie2017-12-24 09:56:26

One day he started isolating her from everyone because he wanted her to himself. He wanted her to be his! And his only! She asked why he was doing it and he slapped her. She started to cry, "Y did u do that?" "You're mine RainPie. You're mine and noone else's, you got that?" "Y-Yes.." After a while she stopped crying and DollFace went to normal and apologize she accept and was happy. He still doesn't know if she likes him so he took her to FreeBa

RainPie2017-12-24 09:43:20

them closer. They promised they wouldn't say best friends forever no matter what. But one day DollFace started growing feeling for RainPie, she had been the only wolf who was rlly there for him. He feared it would ruin their relationship so he kept it to himself. He soon found out RainPie was rlly attractive and was being crushed on by a whole bunch of male wolves they wanted to be her mate and have puppies and everything! He got jealous and told her to stay away from them.

RainPie2017-12-24 09:34:48

In RainPie's past as a puppy when she was taken from her mother, DollFace went through the the same thing except his mom didn't want him because of his happy Disorder. Him and RainPie were transferred to the same Pack at the same time and the other wolves thought they were siblings so a female wolf raised them and they believed they were siblings too. When they grew up they realized they weren't even related. They were raised together so they were already close and this brought th

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