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Dreaming... :)

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kit kat2017-04-25 11:28:43

i love my self

WolfWarrior_91642016-12-12 15:51:52

How... just how... I am a pretty good drawer, but how, just, wow... I LOVE IT NICE JOB!!

Scarlett2016-10-28 12:59:24

.STUNNING, INTOXICATING ETC., ETC., ETC.,. .I'm new at this , tried my hand at a few, I do usually like to sketch in pencil or charcoal realistic subjects.....believe it or not....eyes were always my favorite choice. Do you have a touch screen and use a stylist?...I can't imagine that you're using just what is offered here in terms of impliments, mediums...or tools? I would love to hear from you. Thanks

Izzy :D2016-09-27 11:28:09

Oh my gosh you are such an awesome drawer and you show me that there is no need in giving up when you can be so little but do the biggest things ( im the smallest in my class :) )

Kittylover09182016-08-24 11:08:33

This is sooo pretty!

corgie5162016-05-14 13:43:55

OMG!!!!! I am in awe!!!!!! Drawings like yours is why I want to draw so badly!

bowgirl52016-03-22 14:28:52

wow awesome

MeryCat122016-03-20 12:08:40

How do you draw so good?

Saleema-awsomeness2015-02-04 14:41:55

so awsome i wish i could draw like you. you are like a good drawling influence on me

ToterWolf2014-12-12 10:35:05

Phenominal work I love it

Emmathecatpretty-kitty2014-10-02 07:26:29

such fantasy...

Kwagel2013-11-02 11:41:56


onedirectioner8682013-04-27 20:04:29

Oh my god! U r so amazing ! I wish you could give me some tips and pointers since I only have a mouse to draw! I am onedirectioner868! Can u also give me tips and pointers on how to draw on real life paper?

ZoeyB2013-01-07 14:30:04

what is it with you and eyes?

bunny master2013-01-06 19:40:10

i love the texture of the eye and it makes me dream that i might draw like you some day......'sigh'

philip heleba2013-01-03 05:13:30

you r way better then me like 1,000000000000000000000 times better!

vena west2013-01-02 17:07:33

i love the drowings you do.ther so amazing alosome cool . i relly just like to write storys.

Gemma Zoobop2012-12-29 14:09:36

this does not look real, but it is cool. ~ gzb.

Amysoul2012-12-25 16:47:11

Angy whats your eye color

TheDrownRat2012-12-13 13:54:21

That is really cool!

Alex2012-11-29 09:54:57

I LOVE IT!!! :-)

;DxxalizayxxD;2012-11-28 16:27:19

beautiful u draw great but r u a boy or a girl

happy-cool2012-11-28 10:41:45

this is great... I would love to paint like you do :)

Angy2012-11-28 09:25:18

thank u Linda, sure u can showcase it.. :) thanks to everyone else too.. <3 !!!

Linda Brunker2012-11-27 19:44:29

Angy, This is BEAUTIFUL. My name is Linda Bunker and I went to the very best school for art and design, I have a show case in about a month. I am from Ireland. I would also like to showcase your eye right here as well as your blue tear eye if that is okay with you. P.S. I will be both electronically based and actual paintings.

~~~EmO kILlEr~~~2012-11-27 14:56:29


SomeonewholikesHomestuck2012-11-27 10:44:13

This is amazing :)

Willa Cowan2012-08-19 19:20:12

If this was a print, I would buy it.


You sould consider getting a Deviantart

Angy 2012-08-19 10:08:54

This wasn't me

Angy2012-07-03 05:28:31

haha thank u :D

Mei2012-06-30 19:38:14

This reminds me of so many good memories... Thank you angy for making this picture.. It really made my night. <3 (Told ya I would be commenting on everything :P)

PinoyFretzie2012-06-29 09:37:18


0321!!!!2012-06-28 16:58:57

This is amazing!!!! YOUR and Awesome artist!!!!!!!

Angy2012-06-26 15:18:10


pink nourish2012-06-25 02:54:51


Angy2012-06-20 10:11:36

Thank you very much... :)

Whoopee Hurray2012-06-19 22:46:45

Wow! I usually don't like close up stuff, because sometimes it's kinda gross, but this is awesome! :)

Miracle Tempest2012-06-19 12:16:23

WOW, THIS IS TRULLY STUNING! You did a wonderful job omn this peice, it takes my breath away!

Angy2012-06-18 16:10:59

Thanks :)

Treyclaw++2012-06-18 16:09:36

epic i like it

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