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AMPCheetah2017-06-30 13:17:44

(Aw mkay bye)

Fernclaw2017-06-30 13:16:58

Midnight, taking a glimpse of everything, suddenly had a breakthrough. "Wait. I have an idea," Midnight started to say. Behemoth however, whistled. "Geez, what happened to you? You look weak," he claimed. Midnight simply cast him a glare. (gtg)

AMPCheetah2017-06-30 13:07:10

Poet* winced, and crawled away to reside by a nearby tree. His left hand killed the grass as he moved, turning it to a dark grey. He sat by the tree, slouching and looking down. Juniper* suddenly spoke up. "How is this supposed to make any kind of sense?! How did they get here!??" She motioned towards the dopplegangers.

Fernclaw2017-06-30 13:02:21

(Whoops sorry didn't see that)
-deal with," he angrily muttered.

AMPCheetah2017-06-30 13:00:12

(Are you going to add more to the dialogue?)

Fernclaw2017-06-30 12:54:37

Behemoth grabbed *Poet by the arm, throwing him back to the center of the meeting, for a lack of a better word. "No one's leaving until we figure this out," he barked at everyone, causing Fern and Midnight to slightly shrink back in resent. However, *Fernclaw and *Behemoth were mildly shocked. *Fernclaw stepped over Poet and came incredibly close to Behemoth, quite impressed. Behemoth uncomfortably stepepd back, where he faced an angry Nick. "Oh great, another Behemoth to dea

AMPCheetah2017-06-30 12:51:47


AMPCheetah2017-06-30 12:51:26

(Oml it'll be gorgeous)

AMPCheetah2017-06-30 12:51:11

Poet* let out what sounded like a small "Ts" of laughter before he began to sneak off. "..I'm done wasting my time to false threats."
Tripp looked at the dopplegangers with confusion and slid down against the tree. He sat at the roots, attempting to hide in his shaggy hair and turtleneck sweater.

Fernclaw2017-06-30 12:50:31

(I have to draw pictures about this)

Fernclaw2017-06-30 12:47:57

purple eyes blazing in anger. "Fern, Midnight, where the hell are we?" he growled, his eyes not even bothered by the whole lot of doppelgangers sitting there.

Fernclaw2017-06-30 12:47:15

-sensed it too and pulled out his whip defensively. "Well another cutie to beat down!" he responded. However, Fern had run over to Midnight. "Midnight, are you okay?!" she asked. Midnight weakly looked at her, a small smile on his lips. "It's really you, Fern..." he stated. *Fernclaw paused, a look of anger crossing her face. "There's another major power close. Who else has come to disturb me?" she angrily muttered. Behemoth soon walked out, his

Fernclaw2017-06-30 12:45:19

"Tripp?!" she gasped, before waving her hands in a caring manner. "No no, don't be afraid!" Fern replied. She turned to *Fernclaw, her eyes slightly narrowed. *Fernclaw dropped Midnight, a huge smirk on her face. "You know, everywhere I walked today people looked at me in fear. Now I know why," Fern stated, Nick and *Fernclaw approaching her quickly. However, *Fernclaw stopped abruptly. "You have an unusual amount of soul power," she whispered. Nick s

AMPCheetah2017-06-30 12:39:52

(yes this is going to become chaos)

AMPCheetah2017-06-30 12:39:23

are two of you!!" He screamed in an oddly inquiring tone. He flew backward against a tree (alittleoverlydramaticmaybe), his breathing becoming unsteady.

AMPCheetah2017-06-30 12:37:43

Juniper* winced and lowered her head, whilst Poet* gulped and looked up, his irises constricting as he let out a brief, choked whimper. He immediately lifted his gloved hands to cover his mouth. Walking away would bring too much attention, but maybe if he just stayed quiet he would be spared?
Tripp* stepped beside Fern, speaking a little too loud as he asked childishly. "Heya what's going on?" He glanced at Fern for a moment, then screeched and flailed out of the way. "There

Fernclaw2017-06-30 12:33:45

(This is so amusing)

Fernclaw2017-06-30 12:32:39

,tears starting to form in his eyes as he started to lose his breath. "H-Help me," he cried out, kicking at *Fernclaw. However a noise suddenly interrupted the slow execution. "Midnight, are you there?" a soft, silky voice inquired. Out of the bushes, Fern's lithe shape stepped out. She had minor bruises but her bright, green eyes brought life to the area. She paused for a minute, taking several moments to understand what was going on.

Fernclaw2017-06-30 12:30:36

*Fernclaw slightly turned her head to *Juniper, just so that her eerie, glowing eyes were just visible. "I'd watch that tongue if I were you, deary. You might just see it pinned against my wall if you continue speaking from that wretched, worthless mouth of yours," she cheerily stated. She then turned to Midnight and caught his throat in her hand, choking him. "Now that wasn't so polite, was it?" she stated, Midnight writhing in her grip. He reached out to *Behemoth

AMPCheetah2017-06-30 12:24:48

Behemoth* was just...er...exaggerating, is all." She stepped back.

AMPCheetah2017-06-30 12:24:18

Poet* gasped, the black flame engulfing his hand disappearing. He looked behind him, at Fernclaw*, his confidence wilting and his mixmatched eyes becoming fearful. He dropped his hands to his sides and looked up at Fern, refusing to say a word.
Juniper sighed and brought her palm up over her eyes, and shook her head with disappointment. "No, Fernclaw*. You've gotten exactly the reputation you've wanted haven't you? You've wanted people to fear you. I-I'm sure that

Fernclaw2017-06-30 12:19:54

Midnight gasped and *Behemoth simply glared at *Fernclaw, his teeth bared at her. "What are you doing here, *Fernclaw?" he growled. *Fernclaw walked over to Midnight, her elegant dress flowing all around her. "I heard we have newcomers, babe," she flirted about. She ran her hand along Midnight's chin, causing him to shudder in slight disgust. "Wow Nick! He really looks like you, although a bit more wimpy," she remarked. Midnight jerked away from her, disgusted.

Fernclaw2017-06-30 12:17:11

*Behemoth looked a little uneasy, holding his hand out protect Midnight just in case. "But do we really need enemies or challenges in this already screwed-up world? *Fernclaw has already messed up so much and we need to protect this. C'mon, you guys have to care more about this than I do," he retorted, frustration building up in his tone. "Well, you certainly make me sound like I have a good reputation," *Fernclaw slyly said, suddenly appearing in front of everyone.

AMPCheetah2017-06-30 12:10:44

-hand closer to his chest. He brought the other hand up to manipulate the cloud of darkness, which began to flicker with a light grey.

AMPCheetah2017-06-30 12:09:20

Poet* chuckled at Nick's comment, but his smirk faded as he turned to acknowledge Behemoth* once more. "Listen, I get that you're the 'goodie goodie' of the group, but did it ever cross your mind that they could be the enemies?" His once-solemn face twisted into a wide grin. "And I think it would be fun to have enemies for a change. Some new people to challenge." His left hand suddenly began to gain a dark, fog-like aura around it. He grinned, bringing his

Fernclaw2017-06-30 12:04:13

-reality. Nick, however, shoved *Behemoth in the shoulder. "Oh well lookie what we got here! A low-life hero to save the day.. yippee. Why don't you go save the world now?" he sarcastically replied, angry at *Behemoth's nature.

Fernclaw2017-06-30 12:02:37

*Behemoth gently placed his hand on *Poet's shoulder, nodding to acknowledge him. "I know that, but it'll be worse if we have more enemies surrounding us. And I believe you wouldn't want that either?" *Behemoth turned aorund to face Midnight, smiling. "Sorry about that. We're all just a little... agitated by doppelgangers," he replied. Midnight simply stared at him, not believing how nice *Behemoth was asking. It'd be nice to have him in the normal re

AMPCheetah2017-06-30 11:58:30

Poet* strode towards Behemoth*, rolling up the sleeve on his left arm. He wore fingerless gloves and odd black smudges of ink were visible along his wrists. "What?" He hissed. "You got a problem? We can't live life with these deceptive copies of us everywhere! Who knows what kind of trouble they'd cause in the future!" His eyes darkened as he looked up at Behemoth*, lowering his tone. "You don't want that, do you?"

Fernclaw2017-06-30 11:53:20

Midnight nodded, slightly backing off but bumping into someone behind him. He whipped around in lightening fashion, throwing a punch before his fist was caught by a really strong hand. He looked up and was amazed by what he saw. Towering in front of him, *Behemoth was looking down at him. He didn't know if this was the real or this world's Behemoth, so he simply stared silently. "C'mon guys, stop being so mean," *Behemoth prompted, a childish smirk on his face.

AMPCheetah2017-06-30 11:49:43

-ondering where or not Midnight got the point. He looked rather frail and childlike, but his tone was deceptive.

AMPCheetah2017-06-30 11:47:35

Juniper froze, a look of absolute confusion engraved into her face. A dark figure stepped forward. He was slight in stature, and had a tired and aloof countenance. His pupils were nonexistant, but his irises contrasted oddly with solid black and white. He walked towards Midnight. "You don't get it, do you?" He snarled. "This isn't where you belong. Whoever you're talking about--Fern. She's not the same here. Give it up." Poet tilted his head to the side, w

Fernclaw2017-06-30 11:41:48

she's gone head to toe against Behemoth several times, and that takes some guts with Behemoth being super evil and all," Midnight responded light-heartedly.

Fernclaw2017-06-30 11:41:08

Midnight broke out into a wide grin, his hand going to rub the back of his head sheepishly. "Well Fern's my bestie! And she was walking with me before we appeared here, and now she's missing. So as a friend's duty, I've been looking for her," he chuckled. However everyone else's expressions wore a solemn tone, and Midnight slightly tensed as he waited. "That's why I don't get why you're calling her evil, cause she's clearly not. I mean,

AMPCheetah2017-06-30 11:35:36

Juniper's* face went from an unfriendly smirk to a bewildered gaze. She raised an eyebrow and stepped forward, towards Midnight. "You mean 'Fernclaw*', I'm assuming? No...it wouldn't make sense if you were looking for her. Fern, you said?" She turned to Nick. "I think it's another doppleganger." She pivoted back to face Midnight and tilted her head curiously. "Why? Why are you looking for..Fern?"

Fernclaw2017-06-30 11:31:21

to Jupiter and *Juniper.

Fernclaw2017-06-30 11:31:05

for Fern," Midnight stated. Nick froze for a bit, his eyes a little wide. Then he turned to look at *Juniper with a sarcastic smirk before bursting out into laughter. "Whoo boy-haha- you? You're looking for *Fern? She rejects me all the time, no doubt she'll DESTROY you! Honestly, she's the most cold-hearted thing in these woods I'm surprised you WANT to look for her," Nick laughed heartily. Midnight only glared further in confusion, his eyes quickly flitting t

Fernclaw2017-06-30 11:28:50

Midnight slightly tensed, understanding the slight unfriendly tone in *Juniper's voice. "Well I was just brought here by a portal and apparently there's another me here," Midnight recollected, his eyebrow cocking in confusion. Nick growled and lashed his whip at Midnight, just barely missing him. "What's your purpose here, dirtbag?" Nick retorted. Midnight felt his mouth twitch into a frown but tried to keep the atmosphere positive. "I'm just looking

AMPCheetah2017-06-30 11:22:51


AMPCheetah2017-06-30 11:21:52


AMPCheetah2017-06-30 11:21:35

Juniper* merely scoffed. "You can't possibly be trying to have a 'casual' conversation when you're being confronted by Nick, can you?" She laughed. "Although, I do have a question for you to answer first. What are you doing here? Did we ask to be overrun by dopplegangers?" Juniper* crossed her arms and narrowed her brown eyes at Midnight and Jupiter, (who just so happened to faint in that moment, falling from the tree.) Juniper giggled.

Fernclaw2017-06-30 11:19:27


Fernclaw2017-06-30 11:14:45

-them a gentle wave and smile. "Hey, why does everyone look so scared here? My name is Midnight, by the way. It's nice to meet you. Could one of you explain to me what's happening? I'm sorta confused and it'd be nice to know," he laughed, shrugging his shoulders sheepishly.

Fernclaw2017-06-30 11:13:38

Nick held a glare towards Midnight, their blue eyes locking in contact. "You know, I have fans but none of them has gone to the extent of dressing up as me," Nick angrily retorted, aggravated that he was proved wrong. Midnight snorted a little bit in laughter, pointing towards Nick's cape. "As confusing as this is, I'd never be a fan of someone who wheres a cloak like that on a daily basis," Midnight chuckled. Midnight glanced towards Jupiter and *Juniper, casting t

AMPCheetah2017-06-30 11:09:21

Juniper* turned around briskly, hearing a sudden noise, and Jupiter quickly ran up a nearby tree, shivering so much that the leaves started to shake.
"Hah! What did I tell you, Nick?" She sneered and pointed at Midnight, stepping to the side, waiting for his reaction.

Fernclaw2017-06-30 11:04:53

(Oo and also I forgot to mention, Fern's doppleganger *Fernclaw doesn't have an active human soul. Unlike Fern, *Fernclaw ruined her human soul by sucumbing to evil. Therefore her soul isn't as powerful as Fern's.)

Fernclaw2017-06-30 11:03:26

He remember walking with Fern and suddenly waking up in this awful landscape. Now Fern was nowhere to be seen. He was walking casually, his bright blue eyes shining before he stopped abruptly in his tracks. He heard harsh talking, and assumed Behemoth was somewhere close. He followed the source of the sound, ending up to a confusing sight. His eyes opened wide as he peered at his doppleganger, although this one had an evil aura to him. "Wha?" Midnight whispered, his confusion deluging

AMPCheetah2017-06-30 11:02:59

(Same with Splint and Noboru)

Fernclaw2017-06-30 11:01:06

(But for Midnight, it'll be an exception. His swapplay name is Nick and his real name is Midnight.) Midnight was walking in the forest, rubbing his head with a confused look. He only remembered some weird, ominous portal glowing the woods. He approached it and it sucked him in, throwing him.. back into the forest? Although this one looked a little more dreary, and thre trees were barren with death. The sky was colored a scary red shade and at the same time, it looked familiar (cont.)

AMPCheetah2017-06-30 10:58:41

(Yeye okie)

Fernclaw2017-06-30 10:57:24

(Maybe for the real ones we just use their names and for the swapplay ones we put stars next to their names?)


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