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(aaaa i gtg bye)

Fernclaw2017-05-22 18:07:19

-missed you," she remarked, her eyes trailing to the ground.

Fernclaw2017-05-22 18:07:01

Midnight nodded his head in acknowledgement but he kept his ground. "Well I know it might seem hurtful at first, but it's not like he has changed. He's still whoever you met, he's just changed his name and sorta kept a lot of emotions in, or something like that. You're still his friend," he assured her. Fern laughed, growing used to his smile. His fangs had gotten longer, that was for sure. Or maybe she was just imagining it. "Haha, I see. A lot of people have

AMPCheetah2017-05-22 18:00:30

Obeyda looked back up at Midnight, her white irises widened with surprise. "Of course I'll forgive him! I'm just..confused, is all. The one person here that I thought I knew lied about his identity."
Tripp smiled, dramatically framing his bloody, mangled face with his hand. "They look cool." He laughed, before dropping his hand and changing tones completely. "They're annoying to hold onto since they're so small, so I might as well wear them."

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Midnight put his hand on her shoulder, an understanding look crossing his face. "A lot of people think they know others, before a whole can of worms open. However, you have to find it within yourself to forgive them," he gently stated, speaking from his heart. He waited patiently for her reaction, his blue eyes searching hers. Fern jokingly pointed at her eyes, an eyebrow cocked. "Well maybe Tripp needs someone to support him. And what the heck are the contacts for now?" she

AMPCheetah2017-05-22 17:47:53

-mory. "I hate hights."

AMPCheetah2017-05-22 17:47:27

Obeyda chuckled, looking dizzy. "I don't want to vent, but I just..I guess that I'm angry because I thought I knew him. Turns out I didn't."
Tripp laughed, and put the gray contacts in again. "I look like a mess," he said with a chuckle, attempting once more to wipe the blood off of his face. He looked at Fern and mocked himself, "Apparently it's hard for Tripp not to faceplant whenever he falls." He laughed at this, but winced slightly at the me

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Fernclaw2017-05-21 18:31:18

(Aaa bye can't wait to see you soon! *virtual hug*)

Fernclaw2017-05-21 18:30:56

Meanwhile, Midnight watched as Obeyda split the stick into smaller and smaller pieces. He couldn't help but flinch with every snap. He, however, let his tail curl around a new stick and give it to her everytime she ran out. "It's alright. Honestly, I've endured much worse. But is everything alright? You don't seem happy. Mind telling me? It might help," he added, trying to seem as friendly and non-pressurising as possible.

AMPCheetah2017-05-21 18:30:22

(Aaaaa I gtg byee)

Fernclaw2017-05-21 18:29:07

Fern felt her body shake in laughter, her fist playfully yet gently punching Tripp's cheek. "You deserve both," she laughed. Her smile felt unfamiliar to her at first, but soon the memories flooded back and she joyfully accepted the familiar sensation. She took notice of his change in tone and she smiled, gripping his hand tightly. "I know. That gives us all the more time to catch up," she remarked, renewed joy pulsing within her.

AMPCheetah2017-05-21 18:19:41

(Haha okay xDD)

Fernclaw2017-05-21 18:19:12

(brb I need a moment to scream in happiness)

AMPCheetah2017-05-21 18:16:11

//Yayaa! I didn't know if you'd be angry if Hyper was never technically real xD

AMPCheetah2017-05-21 18:15:14

He'd laugh. "I feel like I deserve a punch in the face," he said in an attempt of a joke, before changing tones. "I haven't talked to you in forever.." He said shakily.
Obeyda sat down and broke the stick in half several times. She looked up at Midnight. "I'm sorry for being rude.." she'd chuckle.."I'm just a little upset. Haha..that's so stupid of me; I'm the one that took his mask off.."

Fernclaw2017-05-21 18:11:22

//Amp, you have made me a happy Fern today :D

Fernclaw2017-05-21 18:11:06

- "I wanted to make sure you were alright. You stormed off quite fast, really," he recalled. He laughed a little, his gaze trailing back to her own eyes.

Fernclaw2017-05-21 18:09:53

"You idiot, of course I liked you. More than Im willing to admit," she remarked, still caught in a hug. She felt her heartbeat pound once more, but with this time, it came along with ecstasy. Her happiness exceeded her limits and she practically tackled him. "I missed you too. God, I don't know whether to hit you or hug you," she claimed, her sobs dissolving into joyful laughter. Midnight smiled and shrugged his shoulders, his eyes trailing to the tranquility of the lake

AMPCheetah2017-05-21 18:06:57

(The last part was a little late but I think it still makes sense in context to your last post?)

AMPCheetah2017-05-21 18:06:01

Tripp just smiled, glad that Fern forgived him, despite all of the things he'd done. "I knew you didn't like me..I just didn't want to bother you," he said, referring to before he fell, and why he had created a different identity. "But I missed you."
Obeyda turned to Midnight, and nodded curtly in greeting. "What do you want?" She'd ask, sounding more harsh than she meant to.

Fernclaw2017-05-21 18:02:26

He walked over to her, his tail briefly sweeping the area behind him. He had a smirk on his face, yet his deep blue gaze implied friendliness. "Everything alright?" he asked, concern lacing his words. He observed her reaction, curious as to why she was so mad. He felt it had to do something with a betrayal of trust.

Fernclaw2017-05-21 18:01:21

Fern felt her wall finally fall (heh that rhymes), and she burst into sobs into his shoulder. So many emotions to deal with, yet he was back. She clasped him tightly to her, as if afraid that if she let him go he would disappear. "It's great to have you back," she giggled, in midst her small sobs. Midnight finally found Obeyda, his blue eyes settled upon her seemingly calm figure. However he could practically feel the anger emitting from her.

AMPCheetah2017-05-21 17:56:48

Tripp smirked for the first time in a while, his fangs gleaming. He hugged her tightly. "It's nice to see you again."
Obeyda was fuming with anger by the lake, but on the outside she looked rather calm and serene, her short hair moving slightly with the breeze. She was leaning against a tree, causing ripples in the water with a stick.

Fernclaw2017-05-21 17:52:51

-Obeyda, curious as to where she had gone.

Fernclaw2017-05-21 17:52:38

Fern took a moment to take this all in. However, instead of bursting out into rage like she should have, she simply smiled. She cocked her head and grabbed Tripp's hand. "It doesn't matter whether you lied to me, you're back. It doesn't matter whether your name is Hyper or Tripp or Velius... you came back," she softly muttered, her green eyes sparkling with that once forgotten glow. Meanwhile, Midnight had decided to give the two some room. He started to search for

AMPCheetah2017-05-21 17:38:13

//It's very confusing idk if that was very understandable xD

AMPCheetah2017-05-21 17:37:44

//So in Behemoth's masquerade he used his given name to confuse anyone already suspecting him. His childhood nickname was Hyper, so he decided to stick with it because he decided that he wasn't ready for a reputation under his real name. Eventually, his reputation at Hyper was ruined, so he faked his death, hoping to create a newer one, Velius, which asn't a huge success either. He had spent so much time lying and creating false identities. He never went by Tripp.

Fernclaw2017-05-21 17:36:32

(Also brb)

Fernclaw2017-05-21 17:33:25

//so Hyper's real name was Tripp Cross all this time and what's with all this betrayal? Pls explain, the poor Fern is puzzled

Fernclaw2017-05-21 17:32:56

//wait a heckin minute. Im confused

AMPCheetah2017-05-21 17:31:27

He took in a deep shaky breath. "I lied. My name-uh.." He paused, "my given name..it's Tripp Cross." He broke into another sob. He felt guilt for lying twice. Not only that, but he had betrayed her before he fell. "Fern I'm so sorry.." He whimpered, stumbling for a moment. He looked around weakly. Obeyda was gone.

Fernclaw2017-05-21 17:25:34

-least she hoped he was.

Fernclaw2017-05-21 17:25:24

Fern crawled towards him, grabbing his arm. She didn't want to let him go. She had let go at that cliff, and that was her mistake. Now she wasn't making the same error. "What do you mean he doesn't exist? He's r-right in front of me!" Fern weakly exclaimed. However slight happiness was etched into her features, an emotion that had barely surfaced in the recent times. She finally decided to clasp the figure in a tight hug, her heart still pounding. He was back. Or at

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Fernclaw2017-05-21 17:20:05

//wait is this your puppet character's doing cause if so Im gonna be so mad bc you have done this to me before and I swear to God Amp if you do this again Im not gonna talk to you XD

AMPCheetah2017-05-21 17:17:52

"I'm not." He said, the dark circles under his eyes getting darker with blood. "I-I'm so sorry.." he said sincerely, glancing at Midnight with traces of fear. He ripped the sleeve of his coat to reveal more scars along his arms. "He doesn't exist." He backed away from Fern, attempting to wipe the blood from his face, although it didn't do much.

Fernclaw2017-05-21 17:13:10

Fern reached out to slowly cup the side of his face, tears streaming down her face. "But.. your eyes," she remarked. "Don't try to fool me," she stated with a little more authority, her green eyes struggling to retain the same intensity. "Please.. d-don't lie to me," she pleaded, more tears falling down her face. Midnight felt slight anger boil within him at the sight of Fern crying, and he walked over, his eyes carefully observing the figure next to Fern.

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He shook his head slowly, closing his eyes. He brought his hand up to his mouth, trying to muffle his sobs. "He...he doesn't exist either." His bangs fell in his face, but his eyes were still visible.
"Who are you!?!?!" Obeyda spoke up, anger and fear in her voice.

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Fernclaw2017-05-21 17:06:54

"I-It's me... Fern," she replied, her eyes watering with sparkling tears.

Fernclaw2017-05-21 17:06:26

Midnight and Fern froze. However only Fern's emotions were reeling. Her eyes went wide and she fell back, her whole body trembling. No.. no way. This couldn't be real. No. No it wasn't. But it was. Her voice came out a mere whisper, just as shocked as her face displayed. "H-Hyper?" She questioned. Those violet eyes-though dulled- she still could recognize them. She wanted to strangle him in hugs. However, she didn't know whether it would be appreciated.

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