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For Jay's contest

Hope ya like it.

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Grape2016-09-04 22:55:22

(Aww okay)

Jayfeather2016-09-04 22:51:23

Jack: See im not hurt!
Jay: We must kill her

Grape2016-09-04 22:45:58

Mercy was shocked she looked down at Jack.
Teagan led Jay to Ona's cave.Ona had a small child on a stone slab the childs stomach was cut open it was unclear what ona was doing.

Jayfeather2016-09-04 22:43:59

Jack: of course not!
Jack hugs Mercy
Jay followed teagan

Grape2016-09-04 22:40:08


Grape2016-09-04 22:39:54

Teagan:Okay follow me Jay.
Mercy:Okay then...Your not afraid of me?

Jayfeather2016-09-04 22:39:38

( Jay is immune to fire XD)

Jayfeather2016-09-04 22:37:37

Jack: oh okay im immune to fire so don't be afraid to touch me or anything really jay is immune to fire also,
Jay teleported teagan into the forest and also her

Grape2016-09-04 22:29:23

Mercy:No body couldn't handle it Jack i'm very weak if Teagan didn't kill her i would've died....Mercy held her head as she fell down.
Teagan:Alright teleport us to the woods and i'll show you where she is.

Jayfeather2016-09-04 22:25:58

Jack: it doesn't put fire out it makes fire stop buring things
Jay: okay

Grape2016-09-04 22:22:50

Mercy:A spell no please don't use a spell on me it'll hurt me.
Teagan:I know i sound stupid Jay but just came see what i mean i'll show you her Cave.

Jayfeather2016-09-04 22:19:47

Jack: its okay. Wait! I think jay has a spell to help you stop burning things!
Jay :uh okay

Grape2016-09-04 22:15:58

Teagan:I don't know she's just up to something strange....
Mercy:Oh....She held it in her hands for bit before she realized she was burning it.
Mercy:Opps sorry...

Jayfeather2016-09-04 22:13:46


Jayfeather2016-09-04 22:12:57

Jack: It's Okay mercy just tell your friends not to ask about my age
Jack showed mercy a know it was about 8 years after he was adopted
Jay: okay so what about her?

Grape2016-09-04 22:07:46

(It's okay)
Teagan:Oh yeah you never seen her...she's a sphinx.She lives in the woods but she's kinda unpredictable though but she might be up to something.
Mercy:Oh well sorry for asking kid...I guess i'm about 3,000 or 2,999?I don't really member which though.She laughed a little.

Jayfeather2016-09-04 22:02:59

(lol that sounded kind weird XD)

Jayfeather2016-09-04 22:01:48

Jack: I'm 9 im adopted by Jay shes 18 and i don't like to think of my old family much
Jack broke out crying after he said that
Jay: who is ona?

Grape2016-09-04 21:58:39

Mercy looked at Jack.
Teagan:Jay listen to me there's something weird happening i can't explain it but it has to do with Ona....
Mercy:So...ummm how old are you?

Jayfeather2016-09-04 21:54:51

Jay: Okay...
She teleported into her room

Grape2016-09-04 21:52:52

Mercy:No i really don't need to eat...and no i'm fine just living out in the woods.
Teagan:Nope,hey Jay i got a question for ya.But can i ask this away from them..Teagan said sounding a bit nervous.
Mercy flexed her fingers and toes,walking was a bit weird for her,since she always floated but never walked.

Jayfeather2016-09-04 21:46:30

Jay: though do you guys want anything to eat?
Jay mostly foused on Mercy
Jay: Mercy do you want somewhere to live?but i have a room that like a terrain tha could fit you

Grape2016-09-04 21:41:20

Mercy shook her head no.
Teagan:Nah were good thanks for asking.

Jayfeather2016-09-04 21:40:04

jay looked at Mercy
Jay: want some cookies?
Jack: can you make some lemon cookies?
Jay smiled
Jay: Teagan, Mercy want some cookies?

Grape2016-09-04 21:36:52

Walked out with them and sat in the chair.It started to heat up.Teagan looked around outiside she sighed as she watched birds flying up in the sky she flexed her right wing a bit.

Jayfeather2016-09-04 21:34:52

Jay: its okay we can out outsidebut i have a metal chair you can use
as she teleported some water onto the floor as she saw jack nd teagoan go outside

Grape2016-09-04 21:31:48

Mercy looked around Jay's house burning the floor as she walked around she realized what was happening and apologized to Jay.

Jayfeather2016-09-04 21:30:07

Jay: Teagan do you want a better weapon I can get you one if you want
She teleported the back to her house inculding Mercy

Grape2016-09-04 21:27:22

Mercy:Wow that's surprisingly accurate at what happened....How did you know?
Teagan:I have my ways.

Grape2016-09-04 21:26:04

Mercy smiled creepily smiled at jack,and Teagan waved a bit.
Teagan:Alright Aria and Mercy died at the same time,but Aria stole Mercy's soul and putted it in her body which it letted her live.And it letted Mercy live to but it hurted Mercy because Aria was draining her magic and using her soul to stay alive.So when i killed Aria Mercy used what little magic she had left to bring her body back....that's it.

Jayfeather2016-09-04 21:21:28

Jay: Sure and Jack this is Teagan and fire girl over here is Mercy
Jack waved to Mercy And then waved to Teagan

Grape2016-09-04 21:18:00

Mercy began to stand up she stumbled a bit as she stood the grass burned.She looked at Teagan.
Mercy:I can't....belive you saved me.Thank you...Teagan i know you're really not a bad person.
Teagan nodded and looked at Jay.
Teagan:Do you still want me to explain Jay?

Jayfeather2016-09-04 21:14:13

Jay: okay
She saw someone running in the distance its was her son
Jay: Jack
Jack: Mom? who is that?

Grape2016-09-04 21:12:09

Teagan:yep it's her but don't hurt her..
Mercy finally regained her form she looked up at Jay her thrid eye leaking blood.

Jayfeather2016-09-04 21:08:17

Jay: Mercy. its you isn't it
Jay pointed star blasters at her

Grape2016-09-04 21:06:09

Teagan pointed to Aira's body as it started to melt and a smokey figure rose from it.
The figure collapsed on the ground as it tried to float it began to take shape of a familier person.

Jayfeather2016-09-04 21:04:25

Jay: What the hell?!? Explain this Teagan I can understand
she look at aria as life drained from her body

Grape2016-09-04 21:01:33

Aria gulped and began to speak.
Aria:I-It's none of you're bussiness!
Teagan:LIES,YOU'LL SHE WHAT DID JAY!!!She screamed as she stabbed Aria in the middle of her forhead Aria fell unmoving.

Jayfeather2016-09-04 20:58:09

Jay looked at aria
Jay: I won't her you but why did Teagan try to attack you?
She knew teagan at the top of her head so she didn't want to her someone that is inconnt

Grape2016-09-04 20:55:00

Teagan:I can't explain what she done Jay it's to confusing but it's not right.
Aria:P-Please don't hurt i-i didn't do anything!

Jayfeather2016-09-04 20:52:11

Blue and orange fire surrond aria
Jay: Teagan who is this?
the starblasters surronded aria too,

Grape2016-09-04 20:50:28

Teagan:I CAN'T BELIVE WHAT YOU DONE YOU MONSTER!She screamed loudly at Aria.Teagan kicked Aria in the stomach knocking her down to the ground.

Jayfeather2016-09-04 20:46:38

Got suddenly got alarmed so she teleported herself to teagan
Jay: Teagan!?!?

Grape2016-09-04 20:45:11

Aria quickly turned around as Teagan jumped at her.Aria screamed and tried to fight off Teagan.

Jayfeather2016-09-04 20:43:44

was sleeping becuase the thought her son Jack, (i changed the name :P) was at school

Grape2016-09-04 20:41:41

Aria walked through the woods she felt like she was being stalked.
Teagan quitely followed her,she knew her secret and she wasn't happy.

Jayfeather2016-09-04 20:40:22

yea sure
your first plz

Grape2016-09-04 19:59:12

Gald you like it.And also wanna Rp?

Jayfeather2016-09-04 19:58:02


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