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Happy Valentines Day!

LOL this is two days late... but anyway this cloud stuff was harder than I thought! btws.. tonight i'm going to my church lock in, we'll be playing games and watching a movie!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kittylover09182016-08-17 16:08:43

This is beautiful!

Amina_the_Cat2016-07-26 18:53:07

Aw, this is a pretty good late Valentine's gift! I have a massive crush on you Steven!

Aleena2016-07-03 17:53:21

Amazing. Absolutely awesome!

corgie5162016-06-01 08:58:16

What tool did you use for the clouds? I want to try to draw realistic clouds but i dont know how ;-; can you help me?

my apples 2014-04-09 06:36:56

like it or love it ?? idk :3

rachel 2013-04-12 15:21:12

all your hard work sure did pay off!! i love all your paintings and i think that u really do have a gift u can really draw. and if your art looks this good on a computer i cant even begin to picture what your art would look like on paper

RomeRivera2013-03-15 09:55:29

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=630697190278548&set=a.136207849727487.25018.133930879955184&type=1&theater -_- LOOK AT THIS.. that heart is common in another heart clouds

ShadowPeakachu33X72013-03-05 13:00:58

i was born the day after cristmas lemonlimelion.

Lemonlimelion2013-01-05 17:05:36

Cool. I was born the day after Valentine's day.

bunny master2013-01-01 19:58:35

that is awesome i love the shadowing ;)

Anya Guinzbourg2012-12-23 11:44:32

You draw unimaginably good! I wouldn't even dream of drawing like that!!!!!!

Minecraft2012-07-07 10:18:50

That looks so real!
Nice work!

juholla2012-07-03 11:54:31

Incredible, Thanks for the inspiration. I have to try a cloud formation soon.

thegirlonfire2012-06-20 10:36:59


Michael2012-06-18 16:05:21

it looks so real!

Nell2012-06-11 19:08:02

I. Love. This. Period Amen. And that is all.

celia2012-06-01 12:50:18


celia2012-06-01 12:50:06

This is beautiful I really like it nice job!!!! :)

Lauren2012-05-25 09:46:16

How do you do that? so awesome

pek12012-05-21 15:05:13

Nice photo

lily gonzaloz2012-05-21 13:03:08

hey this and all the others blew me away you have a real talent

kumkum2012-04-13 20:20:56

do you work with any other mediums? you are brilliant at digital art! I am brilliant at messing it up!!!!1

sadia2012-04-11 02:09:51

thats what i call art faboulous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! B) :)

Niffle Fuffy2012-04-08 15:08:19

u know wut u just did? u just blew, my mind!!!!!!!! Can u draw warrior cats? im a HUG fan =P

CaleyMul2012-03-25 15:09:35

Steeben 4, i saw that vid.... IT WAS SOOO SAD! also THIS IS THE BEST PIC EVA!!! :3

Haircut_Pois0n2012-03-17 09:29:35

Save this wonderful talent 4 devaintart.com!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JIM HICKEY 2012-03-15 04:51:52

this is really great!

Steeben 42012-03-06 20:40:24

Guys, this is Steeben. I just watched a crazy video called the invisible children, it's about these ugandan kids who are abducted, raped, abused, and taken to be used as an army to kill their parents, some were used as sex slaves. it's terrible. this is a video talking about Joseph Kony, the criminal who started all this. the whole this is to make kony famous to arrest him. watch the video! it's amazing, inspring, and touching. :)

hamster2012-03-04 11:09:38

very nice <3

gjk2012-03-02 17:36:08


somrigost2012-02-29 03:12:44

So pretty :)

Sushmit 82012-02-24 05:13:29


Ruby2012-02-21 08:17:37

That's brilliant! Can you draw Benecict Cumberbatch?

WarriorCats2012-02-20 15:23:00

Lol happy cloud valentimes day?" XD Cute drawing ^^

Be Lion2012-02-19 09:27:44

Sounds fun.

Beast Lioness2012-02-19 09:26:30

<3 O <3

Beast Lioness2012-02-19 09:26:03


Rosy2012-02-19 02:43:26

Wow!!!!!!!!! That is amazing.How you can draw something like this ? I´m a big fan of you(: Here are a many pictures, wich are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thomas2012-02-18 01:44:12

i'm your big fan

animalart2012-02-17 17:18:36

you are very talented!!!:)

isabelthecheesecake2012-02-17 17:05:56

This is so awesome!!! Keep up the good work!! Oh and also.. Happy late valentine's day to you too

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