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Haters back off

I didn't come here to get picked on, i'm not going back to hell. So you know, it's just to warn you guys. Nothing personal

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xLegendaryWolfx2017-11-18 13:29:27

I SWEAR MILLIE LEAVE RAINPIE ALONE!!! * Eyes glow blood red, sinks fangs into her neck, and flings her into the wall*

LegendaryWolf123452017-09-17 13:04:21


Drama Alert Nation2017-09-12 15:43:37

This entire situation is just complete c a n c e r.

LegendaryWolf123452017-09-12 15:34:16


millie kat 2017-03-29 17:18:53

you dumb kid. he deserve's the hate he is getting and need's to learn not to ask for mate's i learned in the hard way when my mom caught me in the act of asking for a 'boy in animaljam when i was 12.

RainPie2017-03-29 17:01:31

Oh O-O

RainPie2017-03-29 17:01:04


RainPie2017-03-29 17:00:49

I didn't say he cured I am talking about the down under Earth Hell

millie kat 2017-03-29 16:54:31

i never said i cared that he 'cursed' he used the word as in the 'satanic' place called hell saying he has been there.

RainPie2017-03-29 08:08:04

First of all Millie Kat, your being dramatic because you really didnt have to say that and second of all who cares if he said "Hell" and anyway he's being hated on and bullied and all you care about is the word "Hell"?

EmperorBomb2017-03-29 06:26:30

Riiiiiiiiiiiight.. -3-

Goku2017-03-29 05:53:31

do u liek spaghetti ?

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