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Hello on for a bit

Anyone want to talk or Rp?Cause i'm bored.

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Grape2016-09-05 09:01:49


Grape2016-09-05 08:47:19

Mercy's eye's widened she was to weak to fight her.

Kena2016-09-05 08:44:48

kena looked up at mercy,she smiled,her eyes was bleeding with black blood

Grape2016-09-05 08:43:43

Mercy stumbled back a bit.

Kena2016-09-05 08:41:59

zalgokena then grab kenas neck and begin to control her
she then stop screaming

Grape2016-09-05 08:40:39

Mercy noticed something a familier energy from someone.

Kena2016-09-05 08:38:48

(ok now coninute)

Grape2016-09-05 08:36:05


Kena2016-09-05 07:51:03

aww ok

Grape2016-09-05 07:49:17

(Gtg i might be back on later.)

Kena2016-09-05 07:48:17

kena did not say anything,she smiled

zalgokena tries to get ready

Grape2016-09-05 07:46:08

Mercy backed away a bit from Kena.
Mercy:Thank you...kena there's something else you must know.I've been attacking people but i don't do on purpose i'll go into some trance and i don't remeber what happened sometimes.But i telling you this cause i don't want to hurt you...

Kena2016-09-05 07:42:07

kena then let mercy got,her tail was burning but she did not care

Grape2016-09-05 07:38:50

Mercy:Kena..please let me go...
Mercy tried to get free but couldn't she looked at kena and sighed.

Kena2016-09-05 07:37:19

kena:its alright...
she smiled and cried a litte,she could feel the fire burning her


Grape2016-09-05 07:34:21

Mercy didn't want Kena to hug her becuase she was afraid she was gonna burn her,Mercy looked away from her.
Mercy:Kena...please let me go...i don't wanna hurt you.

Kena2016-09-05 07:31:17

kena begin to hug mercy
kena:dont worry...its ok....

zalgo kena saw kena and mercy,she begin to hide behind a tree

Grape2016-09-05 07:27:50

Mercy looked at Kena.
Mercy:Kena..i'm not the same anymore....i'm starting to become like my old self,and i'm scared i don't want to hurt anyone....or kill them...Tears rolled down Mercy's face.

Kena2016-09-05 07:25:16

kena:aww..dont feel bad...
she looked at mercy

zalgokena smiled,she had blood in her teeth

wreen looked around

Grape2016-09-05 07:22:23

Mercy kept looking down she tried to keep calm at the time while talking to Kena.

Kena2016-09-05 07:19:02

both of her necklaces begin to glow

zalgokena looked around,she is going to take over kena like she did before

Grape2016-09-05 07:16:18

Mercy:Oh i'm fine i guess...just really weak,i can't float anymore as you can tell walking is wearing me out...so i guess not

Kena2016-09-05 07:11:27

kena was confused,both of her ears moved down
kena:are you ok?

Grape2016-09-05 07:09:56

Mercy:Oh well...then..
she looked down at her feet.

Kena2016-09-05 07:07:53

kena shocked
she then sighed agian
kena:yup...she caused it...

Grape2016-09-05 07:06:40

Mercy:Oh...i assume she caused that right?She while pointing to the scar on Kena's soul.

Kena2016-09-05 07:04:33

kena sighed
kena:yup...she did...
her soul being to glow and kena tried to hide it,her soul has a big scar on it

Grape2016-09-05 07:02:15

Mercy:So....has Zalgo Kena been showing up lately?She asked concerned.

Kena2016-09-05 06:59:38

kena:im pretty good.....i guess....
she got her energy back and is strong agian,but she still feels bad inside

Grape2016-09-05 06:58:29

Mercy:I was dead but then i wasn't,well anyways how ya been?

Kena2016-09-05 06:57:41

kena:i-i thought you where dead..

Kena2016-09-05 04:57:06


Fernclaw2016-09-05 04:56:12

(Ah it's ok, I'll join another time XD)

Kena2016-09-05 04:54:09

sure fern

Kena2016-09-05 04:52:17

aww ok

Fernclaw2016-09-05 04:52:03

(Can I join for the tiniest bit? ;0)

Grape2016-09-05 04:51:53


Grape2016-09-05 04:50:52

Mercy smiled a bit at Kena.
Mercy:Long time no see huh?She laughed a bit her third eye was still healing from last night.

Kena2016-09-05 04:48:46

kena saw mercy,she gasped

Grape2016-09-05 04:47:37

Mercy walked till she saw Kena she was shocked at how much she changed.

Kena2016-09-05 04:45:34

kena walked,her soul is just pink now,zalgo kena has the red heart that is part of her soul,zalgo kena said to kena that the red heart was part of her soul not kenas,kena was confused but she did not care

Grape2016-09-05 04:43:46


Grape2016-09-05 04:43:02

Mercy walked through the woods the cold air hurted her a bit but she'll live,she thought to herself.She wandered what happened sence she was gone.She already saw Teagan.But no one else.

Kena2016-09-05 04:41:17

u go first

Grape2016-09-05 04:40:24

Ok do wanna go first or me to go first?

Kena2016-09-05 04:39:56

sure and its ok

Grape2016-09-05 04:39:04

Ok so do want to?Sorry.I won't be on long either so...

Kena2016-09-05 04:37:26

thats ok! i do love to rp!
im not going to be on for a long time so yeah

Grape2016-09-05 04:34:21

Yep so wanna rp?Sorry for asking i was just wondering and sorry if i ask a lot.

Kena2016-09-05 04:33:13

ooh labor day huh? :O ok


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