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Bomby2017-10-20 21:42:52

The students at my school are basically why i hate school. They roast someone now and again, i just can't stand them often. School for me would honestly be better with a certain few of those kids. I try to fit in when i really don't i'm a shy little guy who thinks girls are a little bit more understandable than boys. I just don't say anything most of the time.

Bomby2017-10-20 21:37:07

I go to Southeast Middle School. It has a total of three floors, each with their own grade level. My house is right next to the school, but sometimes i'm still late. I'm in seventh grade and i have 8 to 9 classes altogther, All of my teachers can be swell and understanding, especially my fifth and last period. I still didn't do the homework assigned by my first period, which is just drawing something..b-BUT the students. My only friends there are Rainpie and Cookie. My students..

Sakura-sama2017-10-20 20:12:24

My school has two floors :> It looks more like a college than a high school though xD It's very secluded, it's not even visible from the road. I hate my math class :[ The teacher is absolutely a w f u l. We don't have grades assigned to floors/halls since all grades are mixed together. I guess this school is better than my middle school haha
I'm so lucky most of my classes are in the same area :'] the school is so big i can barely navigate around

RubyRain2017-10-20 20:01:28

Oh also-

Don't skip class kids! Ruby is a bad influence!!

RubyRain2017-10-20 20:00:31

My school doesn't have any floors rip

But it's easy to get lost, i swear the building is broken up in five parts, and the classes are scattered about, so the grades are everywhere. That's why it's so difficult to pass by the hallways
And that, my friends, is why i go building-to- building outside :'>
( it's so easy to skip class at my school, because the buildings are so big. No one wants to search every single building for a student lmao )

Wolf-Berries2017-10-20 19:57:03


The_Cute_Cookie2017-10-20 19:50:07

my school is the same but its im in the middle(7th grade) and 6th graders on the top one eigth grade on the bottom...BUT ITS HORRIBLE! :P

Wolf-Berries2017-10-20 19:50:06

Meh, I like walking up my stairs

xLegendaryWolfx2017-10-20 19:48:32

My school, is pretty nice I guess, bottom floor is for 8th graders, 6th and 7th graders share the 2nd floor (i'm in 6th grade :'C) and we have to walk up stairs every single day UGH

Wolf-Berries2017-10-20 19:48:22

Good enough!

RubyRain2017-10-20 19:34:34

My schools is horrible but i got used to it :')

Wolf-Berries2017-10-20 19:31:38

Soo I go to a middle school (AKA Hell) Called HRMS. Or Holten Richmond Middle school. There are three floors, bottom, is for 6th graders, middle, Where I am 7th grade. And top floor is where the 8th graders go. I live in Danvers mass if you were wondering.

So tell me about your school! :>

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