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I think soon I will make Fern good again, but there's gonna be a twist to it. ;) Anyways, how are yall?

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Fernclaw2016-09-30 18:32:02

(Ah okay)

AMPCheetah2016-09-30 18:27:50

Gtg, cya later

AMPCheetah2016-09-30 18:26:03

Velius shrugged. "Everything dies anyway, Midnight. Although I suppose it was nice of you..." He seemed uncomfortable saying the last part and looked back down.
Obeyda smiled and waved. "Hello! I've seen you before, Midnight...I just can't really remember when...Anyway, my name is Obeyda. Nice to meet you." She giggled. "And good luck mothering three mischievious kits."

Fernclaw2016-09-30 18:21:31

-with interest.
Midnight: And I don't recall you here either. What's your name? Mine's Midnight, and Im mother of the forest animals!
He laughed as the little kit, Trick, nuzzled against Midnight's muzzle.

Fernclaw2016-09-30 18:20:27

Midnight chuckled as the kits continued to struggle in his arms. His tail gently stroked the back of Cosmic as he walked closer to Obeyda and Velius.
Midnight: Wouldn't you help a bunch of starving kits? I don't recall any mothers living here in the woods at the moment. And since Fern's out of the woods... well somebody has got to become the new mother of woods, or whatever.
He laughed genuinely as his eyes trailed to Obeyda. He nodded in her direction, his blue eyes sparkling wit

AMPCheetah2016-09-30 18:13:34

Velius turned around and saw Midnight; his blank eyes suddenly filled with confusion. Obeyda stared at the kits and couldn't help an "awe" from squeaking through her lips. She was extremely soft when it came to kits.

"Okay, Midnight. Why?" Velius asked flatly. Although, Velius was quite interested to hear this explanation.

Fernclaw2016-09-30 18:06:27

Suddenly, he heard... mewling? He located the sound and looked down upon three kits. A pink one had snarled at him while the other white one had surrounded his supposedly young sister. He heard the sound of growling stomachs, and he instantly felt the need to help them. He looked at Cosmic, who was writhing on the floor with hunger. He gently picked her up and stroked her. Then slowly one by one, the kits jumped into his arms. He then continued his walk to find food, stumbling across Velius.

AMPCheetah2016-09-30 17:59:29

sorry my computer crashed))
"Hi," Obeyda said shyly as she sat next to Velius. She dipped her finger fastidiously into the river they were so close to. She had seen Velius around; and couldn't help but be curious. So Obeyda had finally scraped up enough courage to approach him.
Velius turned his face slowly; not recognizing this face. Without making eye contact, he muttered, "Hey."

Fernclaw2016-09-30 17:48:25

Midnight was strolling through the streets, his tail pickpocketing everyone he came across. With a bright smirk on his face, his ears twitched lightly in the wind and he looked across the woods, making sure everything was okay. No Fern in sight. Or Behemoth for that matter. Ugh, why did Behemoth have to do this to her? Like she hadn't suffered enough. He had seen the Fern in those green eyes. He saw that small glimpse of hope through a barrier of captivity.

AMPCheetah2016-09-30 17:38:19

Oh okie ^.^

Fernclaw2016-09-30 17:29:40

No, not exactly. You'll find out in a rp!

AMPCheetah2016-09-30 17:28:59

wWait didn't you tell me that she was keeping the look? Could that be the twist? xD

Fernclaw2016-09-30 17:20:49

Haha you shall see ;)

AMPCheetah2016-09-30 16:58:16

what twist what do you mean twist

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