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Hi! Im on!

How are yall? Slimber's been deaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad

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AMPCheetah2016-09-29 17:30:48

Okie cya later

AMPCheetah2016-09-29 17:30:34

Splint, as if he was hit himself instently took some kind of offense. He looked at the two before hoisting himself onto Saiu and riding away; not wanting a part in this.

But a minute after he disappeared, letters slowly carved themselves into Fernclaw's arm. "Strike one." Stacey ran towards the two of them, not sure what to do. He just grabbed Fern by the wrist and yanked her away from Midnight, his robotic fingers digging into her skin.

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Fernclaw2016-09-29 17:25:17

Midnight nodded, but then suddenly some sword was thrown at him. However, only the handle hit his head. He yelped and fell to the ground with a thud, rubbing his aching head. His blue eyes looked up to meet with one green and one red eye. She jumped down from the tree and leaned against her other katana, a smirk creeping along her lips.
Fern: You really do care for everything, don't you? You pathetic worm.
Midnight stayed silent, his face growing eerily still.

AMPCheetah2016-09-29 17:23:53

for that? It might help if I design it differently."
"Saiu doesn't like saddles." Splint responded incredibly fast.
"Are you sure? It-"
"Saiu doesn't like saddles." He repeated, his eyes suddenly duller.

AMPCheetah2016-09-29 17:22:15

Splint watched, looking actually frightened as Saiu craned her neck down to drink the water. In fact, Stacey thought it was quite strange when Splint actually winced and stumbled when Midnight elbowed him, as if it actually hurt. That's when Stacey finally noticed what was off, besides this newcomer being suspiciously on edge. His foot was backwards. "Oh! Um, hey Midnight. One minute," Stacey said with an empathetic glance at Splint. "Do you need a custom saddle or something

Fernclaw2016-09-29 17:17:02

Midnight chuckled and slowly approached Splint and his horse. He gently rubbed the neck of the horse and he bended some water into a drinking spout for Saiu. He lightly elbowed Splint playfully, his blue eyes dancing.
Midnight: We keep having new visitors here, huh? This is a mighty horse ya got here! What's your name by the way? I find it strange to see newcomers come here at this time of the year, haha.

AMPCheetah2016-09-29 17:14:58

-rtain speeds and steps. You see..." He paused, biting his lip nervously.

AMPCheetah2016-09-29 17:14:01

From around Splint's wirey figure, Stacey noticed Midnight approaching. He analyzed Splint for a moment more. The stranger seemed pretty normal, dressed in a grey sweatshirt and black jeans. Splint matched his horse very well. "So, do you need anything?" Stacey asked politely, matching his tone to Splint's.
"Er; I don't know if you can help, but I'm having trouble riding Saiu. It's not a new problem..but she doesn't seem to understand her cues for ce

Fernclaw2016-09-29 17:09:42

-low in tune.

Fernclaw2016-09-29 17:09:28

Midnight was also strolling around, his hands in his pockets. He was whistling contently before silently stopping in front of a weirdly desolate place. The forest seemed to be dying lately. The trees seemed to turn red and there was suddenly...blood. Blood was deluging the place and screams of agony and pained laughter filled his ears. He shook his head and looked around wildly, realizing it was a prediction. He huffed, and continued walking over to Stacey's, singing his whistle low

AMPCheetah2016-09-29 17:05:38

(What's Sam's daughter's name?)
Stacey opened the door slowly, careful not to spook this, "Saiu." The horse did not have a lead, or a saddle on, so the rider was at more risk. He soon found out that the voice belonged to a young man, precariously leaning on the horse. He looked uncomfortable; his thick white hair failling in his pink eyes. "Are you alright?" Stacey felt the need to ask. The boy must've had a reason for knocking on the door.

Fernclaw2016-09-29 16:59:54

Sally was crawling around the woods, her tail whipping everything around her. She missed Cotton dearly. She missed her kits dearly. She hated this whole invasion thing in general. It just made Behemoth, one step closer to that... Slade. No one on Earth probably knew of Slade, oh but she did. She crept closer to Stacey's lab, Sam patiently observing the new visitor from afar. His daughter was strapped onto his chest, and his tail lay comfortably around her...tightly.

AMPCheetah2016-09-29 16:56:29

-re scaring him."

AMPCheetah2016-09-29 16:56:13

The muffled knock on Stacey's door was unfamiliar, like the hand was gloved. He knew it wasn't Velius, because his gloves were fingerless.
Stacey heard scuffing from the other side and decided to adress whatever it was. He opened the door slightly, so it was just barely ajar; then suddenly a dark grey muzzle shoved itself through the opening. It was startling until Stacey realized it was a horse.
He heard faint whispering from a youthful voice; "Saiu, calm down. You'

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u asked u start xD

Fernclaw2016-09-29 16:46:12

Pls babe. Pleeeeeeeeassssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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Nah please u

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Nah u can I forget how to rp lol

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Yo. You can start if you want

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