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Hi on for a bit

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Kena2017-01-28 10:01:07


Nightmarebonnie2017-01-28 10:00:33

@ Kena idk do whatcha' want.

Kena2017-01-28 09:58:20

nmb...do you think i should fuse us with someone else?

Grape2017-01-28 09:57:43

That's cool and i gtg for a bit i might be back.

Nightmarebonnie2017-01-28 09:57:08

I AM A DIRTY BROTHER KILLER. (Even tho i died like 200 times ;-;)

Kena2017-01-28 09:55:25

yeah i saw it nmb..so i think i want to

Grape2017-01-28 09:55:15

Opps i meant nmb sorry bout that.

Grape2017-01-28 09:54:50

@Oh wowXD

Nightmarebonnie2017-01-28 09:54:40

@Kena On my contest entry i saw your comment and yes if you like.

Grape2017-01-28 09:54:00

@Kena same here i want to enter but i have no idea what to do.

Nightmarebonnie2017-01-28 09:53:20

@Grape I have't been doing much. Just listening to a song and killing everyone in Roblox. lol.

Grape2017-01-28 09:53:18

Wow that's cool!And sorry again about your sister.

Kena2017-01-28 09:52:52

im doing the fusion contest i just found today...i want to fuse kena with someone but i dont who im gonna fuse kena with

Nightmarebonnie2017-01-28 09:52:27

Ikr and my party is at Get Air. I REALLY WANTED HER TO COME OML.

Grape2017-01-28 09:51:52

so what ya guys doing?

Kena2017-01-28 09:51:44

im sorry that your sis cant come nmb

Nightmarebonnie2017-01-28 09:51:18

Thats alright.

Grape2017-01-28 09:50:41

opps late comment,And thats cool and i'm sorry about that.

Grape2017-01-28 09:50:09

That's good,How ya been nmb?

Nightmarebonnie2017-01-28 09:49:52

@Grape Iv'e been fine. I'm just waiting for my brithday party today. ;-;
(My sis can't come ;-;-;-;-;;-;)

Kena2017-01-28 09:49:05

im prettty good

Grape2017-01-28 09:48:19

hi how ya been?

Nightmarebonnie2017-01-28 09:48:03

Hoi Grape.

Kena2017-01-28 09:46:45


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