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Hiiiiii! I'm rainbow tail!

I'm a warrior cat!!!! I live in thunderClan (Good Clan) My mate is FireHeart! (Even though he already had a mate, she was MEAN TO ME!!!!!!) I hope you all get to know mw better!!! :3

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mugi2017-06-01 11:55:28

for all you guys know, this could be someone younger than us
i know that feeling
i did exactly this when i was around 9 and started using slimber

bright orange fur, lime green and yellow eyes, pink green and yellow hair, wings, you name it

don't be like this

mugi2017-06-01 11:42:31

gawd yall are so quick to jump on anyone who does anything differently

and theres nothing wrong with liking fireheart or liking warrior cats wtf

smh yalls something else i swear

milliekatterz2017-06-01 08:09:52

get roasted little gurl-

wolfiepaws2017-06-01 08:08:03

you cant even have a warrior name right rainbow tail?! unless you where once a kittypet and your owner dyed your tail rainbow and your ears pink you shouldn't have obsurd colors for a pelt. bless your heart.

Tem_Shop_With_Temmie2017-06-01 07:12:48

Wow. FireHeart, bootleg shipping.
It's like fangirling. But "She was mean to me! " You can't even say that cause you don't even know her. And you can't just be his mate cause she was rude to you. I mean that's not how it works, Like if your someones GF or BF you can't just be mean to sombody and have the other person leave. Also Clan cats don't have collars,they have no collars. Also you seem more like a kittypet fangirl. :)

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