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Hitman Behemoth

Here's an adult Behemoth for Slimber! (In this pic, he's an adult. He's usually drawn as a teen, but here he's an adult) Of course he's a hitman! What other job do you think he would've had? XD

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Oi-Its-Hetalia2016-12-18 17:22:19



Grape2016-12-18 15:18:55

(Aww ok then)
Mercy just looked at Sally.

Fernclaw2016-12-18 15:17:35

Sally's hope plummeted in her stomach. God, he was just getting more popular, wasn't he? And not in the good way either. (Yo, I also gtg for a bit. Might be back though! ;0)

Grape2016-12-18 15:14:43

Mercy:Behemoth....You probably figured that out.
Teagan looked at the mud caked on to her boots,she saw a tree and started to kick it.The mud began to fall off.

Fernclaw2016-12-18 15:10:31

Sally bit her tongue, feeling her body tense.
Sally: Whatever. Just tried to help, ya know. But if you could, could you at least tell me what did this to you? Im quite curious.
Sally had a dark feeling about what did it, the more she looked at the way Mercy was bruised. She had hope that it wasn't what she thought it was though.

Grape2016-12-18 15:07:01

Mercy glared at her,then sighed.
Mercy:I'm okay like i said i heal,quickly.She coughed and turned away from Sally.She noticed that she started to get a slight headache.

Fernclaw2016-12-18 15:03:46

(Bye Jordie ^-^)
Sally rolled her eyes, yet her mouth slightly twitched into a frown.
Sally: Clearly you're not okay. You have a huge bruise on your neck and you're wheezing. Now I can tell, that you're definately NOT fine.

Grape2016-12-18 15:00:25

(Aww bye jordie)

Grape2016-12-18 14:59:35

Mercy:I'm fine.She choked out trying to move away from Sally.
Brone hummed to himself as he walked away,he stopped humming when he saw Teagan up head.But quickly turned away he would also deal with her another day.

softburial2016-12-18 14:59:35


Fernclaw2016-12-18 14:55:55

-dark he was.
Meanwhile, Sally had trotted over to where Mercy was, her red eyes unwavering yet slightly concerned. She was a demon, yes. But she still had a heart.
Sally: Are you okay?

Fernclaw2016-12-18 14:54:58

Behemoth's eyes lit up in rage.
Behemoth: Of course I know you're not scared of me! That's what I respect about you. YOU don't FEAR me. And I know I don't deserve it, but I was never one for following dumb rules anyways. I want to know however... why did you become my friend in the first place?
He hated it, but he felt his gaze soften. is grip seemed to tighten on her again, and Fern whined. She hated leaving Yuki to Behemoth, especially when Fern had seen exactly how da

softburial2016-12-18 14:51:17

Yuki looked up at him, fury burning in her eyes. "Don't think for a second I'm afraid of you. I just don't think you deserve me interacting with you after all this." She growled. Her eyes we're basically glowing with rage.

Grape2016-12-18 14:47:27

Mercy tried to get up but she couldn't.So she just layed there.Brone really didn't feel bad for Mercy,he would let her heal then try to kill her.Mercy was going to be his last kill after that he would be done with killing people for awhile.

Fernclaw2016-12-18 14:46:36

Behemoth pulled the bandana down from his mouth, making him look a little less sinister. His mouth was pulled into a scowl and he slightly reduced the iron grip he had on Yuki's wrist.
Behemoth: Would you look me in the face at least? Im not gonna hurt you, oh my lord. Seriously, people around here either stare at me or refuse to look at me. You would think they'd be able to maintain a middle ground.
He continued to stare at her, his throat starting to feel dry and strained.

Fernclaw2016-12-18 14:43:41

Sally was wandering around the forest. Her kits were fast asleep, and she decided now would be a good time to get her mind off...many things. She had noticed that the forest felt a whole lot darker today, and she noticed Mercy and Brone near the path. It looked like something unusually powerful had attacked Mercy, for there was a huge bruise on her neck. Sally felt her own neck, slightly shuddering. She proceeded to slightly levitate from the ground, trying to find the monster.

Grape2016-12-18 14:42:55

Mercy:Get away from me!I don't need your help! She screamed while trying to crawl away.Brone sighed and stood back up,and walked off and left Mercy alone.

softburial2016-12-18 14:41:54

Yuki sniffled a bit, and stopped. She looked away from him, not knowing what to say or do. She knew he was only going to hurt her again but she stayed.

Grape2016-12-18 14:39:46

(Back sorry)
Mercy groaned and wiped the spit off of her face and tried to get up,Brone chuckled and started to walk towards her.Mercy growled at him.
Brone:Wow i didn't think you were going to make it. He said while bending down to help Mercy.

Fernclaw2016-12-18 14:39:04

Behemoth firmly commanded her, his own eyes piercing into hers.
Behemoth: Stop crying.
He didn't know why he was even bothering, but something deep inside him truly didn't want to hurt Yuki.
Fern and Midnight eventually found Yuki, and when Fern saw Behemoth grab Yuki, she boiled with rage. Midnight did too. However, Midnight's arm kept her from hurling herself towards Behemoth. She hissed at him quietly.
Fern: What are you doing? He's gonna hurt her!

softburial2016-12-18 14:33:09

Yuki struggled away from him, tears coming to her eyes. After a bit she stopped struggling, and sighed. "What do you want?" She asked, her voice shaking.

Fernclaw2016-12-18 14:30:41

Behemoth continued punching at the waterfall, until he saw Yuki standing there too. He bit his tongue to stop the retort, and immediately teleported himself right in front of her. He grabbed her wrist to prevent her from going, his purple eyes looking right at her, as if he was trying to burn a hole with his vision. He probably could have too, but he didn't know that spell yet.
Behemoth: Yuki.

softburial2016-12-18 14:25:50


softburial2016-12-18 14:25:29

Yuki just so happened to be on her way to the waterfall, considering her home was right behind it. But when she was a clear distance from it and saw Behemoth, she ducked and hid behind a large rock. Why would he be there, too?

Fernclaw2016-12-18 14:23:51

(And douchebag of the year award goes to... Behemoth! XD)

Fernclaw2016-12-18 14:22:27

Behemoth tensed, not really wanting Yuki to go. However, Fern looked at him with such distaste that he didn't dare go towards Yuki. Fern's fists shook and she was almost about to scream in fury before Midnight lightly touched her shoulder. She calmed down, which enraged Behemoth to no end. He finally huffed and teleported away to the waterfall, a place that calmed him. He started to punch at the water, shouting with every punch. Fern then heaved a sigh and ran after Yuki.

softburial2016-12-18 14:17:32

Yuki didn't dare say anything. She was too angry with him, so she started storming off. She couldn't bear to see him, she growled and headed back to the lake to cool off. He wasn't going to ever make an apology, knowing him.

Fernclaw2016-12-18 14:15:01

Behemoth then turned around, his purple eyes widening as he saw Yuki, Fern, and Midnight staring at him. He also sensed Brone far off, but his eyes still were focused on them. He resisted the urge to mutter 'Yuki', but his face betrayed him. However, he gained his composure and growled at them, his eyes slightly trailing away from their gaze.
Behemoth: Oh great, the "goody-two" shoes squad is here. What'cha gonna do? Spit at me?

Fernclaw2016-12-18 14:12:54

Behemoth stopped her hands with his other two and spat on her face, slowly getting up as his wings retreated into his back. He wiped off the dust from his shirt and scowled down at her, his anger fading.
Behemoth: Whatever. I've messed with you enough. However, next time you cross me I'll be sure to cut off your hands.

softburial2016-12-18 14:12:45

Yuki's stomache dropped as well, her eyes filled with terror. She was freaked out. Why would Behemoth be here? She hated him, but why was he here?

Grape2016-12-18 14:10:32

(Hold on brb maybe.)

Grape2016-12-18 14:09:07

Mercy clenched her teeth and stopped and and headed for his eyes.
Brone decided to turn back around and watch the fight for a bit.He knew Mercy wouldn't last for long.

Fernclaw2016-12-18 14:07:38

Fern didn't even bother to dry herself off as she took Yuki's hand and ran towards the noise, accidently bumping Midnight onto the street.
Fern: Midnight! What's going on?
Midnight froze, and whispered in Fern's ears as well as Yuki's.
Midnight: Behemoth's here...
Fern felt a feeling in her stomach completely drop and she felt her body go stiff. No. He shouldn't be here.

Fernclaw2016-12-18 14:04:59

Behemoth growled and banged her head against the pavement to get her to stop clawing at his arms. He rather liked his arms scratch-free. His purple eyes blazed at Mercy, his grip tightening even further.

Grape2016-12-18 14:04:40

Brone stopped walking when he saw Behemoth,he let out a small chuckle and slowly turned away.

softburial2016-12-18 14:04:03

Yuki nodded, hearing the noise as well. When she got back to shore she shook herself off slightly and put her shorts and hoodie back on. Vixen's eyes widened, and she bolted back to the lake. There probably was no saving Mercy.

Grape2016-12-18 14:02:05

Mercy hissed at him and struggled to get free,she started to dig her fingers into his arms.Basically she wasn't going to give up without a fight.

Fernclaw2016-12-18 14:00:49

Midnight traveled out of the lake and saw Behemoth. His breath hitched a bit and he stumbled backwards, his blue eyes looking incredibly troubled.
Midnight: *whispering* Behemoth...
He froze, not knowing whether to go and warn Fern and Yuki and risk making a noise.
Fern then heard a stumbling noise in the woods where Midnight had previously gone. Her eyebrows rose.
Fern: Hey, I heard a noise. You want to join to investigate?

Fernclaw2016-12-18 13:58:17

Behemoth slowly wiped the spit from his cheek, and took 2 deep breaths. He then pounced on Mercy, his hands finding her throat, slightly choking her.
Behemoth: Funny how your name is Mercy. For I don't take you for the type. And thanks for the spit on my face. However, I fail to tell you that I already had a dang bath already.
His hands tightened their grip, his teeth bared at her.

softburial2016-12-18 13:57:45

(I have her in my OC list on my profile :0)

softburial2016-12-18 13:57:10

Yuki replied calmly, her blue eyes shining a bit. "I'm either at home or out adventuring, I haven't been around the lake much." Vixen continued studying, not really knowing what was going on.

Grape2016-12-18 13:55:10

She growled at him.The fire from his wings really didn'y bother her.
Mercy:Here's some respect!She puffed in her chest than spat at him.

Fernclaw2016-12-18 13:54:58

(How does Vixen look like? Is there a REF anywhere? XD Sorry)

Fernclaw2016-12-18 13:53:57

Fern hugged Yuki tightly, her heart filling up with happiness.
Fern: Oh my gosh, my life has been alright.
Midnight flinched, knowing she was lying. However, he kept quiet and noticed a slight commotion from the lake. He turned to the girls and put on a smile, his blue eyes dancing.
Midnight: Yuki! Fern! I'll be right back okay? Im gonna go use the bathroom.
Fern nodded, and finally parted from her hug, holding Yuki's hands tightly.
Fern: Where the heck have you been lately?!

Fernclaw2016-12-18 13:51:08

Behemoth's eyes suddenly darkened and his wings stretched far enough to stop right in front of Mercy, their flames licking at her face. Without turning to look at her, Behemoth's voice boomed at her, deep and menacing.
Behemoth: Oi! I was talking to you, wasn't I? Show some respect.
His head then turned to her, his eyes narrowed.

softburial2016-12-18 13:50:32

Yuki squeaked and hugged Fern tightly, she was so happy. "Fern!! How have you been?" She asked excitedly. Vixen started walking to the place she sensed it the most, and she saw Behemoth there. She hid behind a bush, her grey eyes focusing on him. She pulled up one of her burgundy thigh highs, as it was falling a little.

Grape2016-12-18 13:47:50

Mercy glared at him and slowly got to her feet.She didn't have anything to say to him.
Mean while Brone was trying to find a more quit place to read.

Fernclaw2016-12-18 13:46:29

Midnight nodded and bended the water like a rope. He then threw it across Fern's body in the tree and pulled it with one big pull. Fern came crashing down into the water, gasping. Thank god she was wearing a red swimsuit, or otherwise she would've killed Midnight. Fern opened her eyes clearly and stared at Yuki, her mouth gaping. Then with a shrill squeal, she leaped and hugged Yuki tightly, her eyes glistening with excitement.
Fern: YUKI!!!
Midnight chuckled, rolling his eyes.

softburial2016-12-18 13:43:47

Yuki looked around. "Really?" She said, excited. Vixen continued to stare at the two, but she sensed something in the wind immediately. There was a dark aura and it sent shivers down her back, She looked around, but she couldn't tell where it was from. She was only afraid for the others, not her own safety.

Fernclaw2016-12-18 13:42:42

Behemoth chuckled, acknowledging her with a nod.
Behemoth: Well, look. Here's somebody who didn't scream. Congrats, Mercy.
Behemoth's face might have held a smile, but his eyes portrayed something evil. He crossed his arms, his mouth covered by the badana.
Behemoth: So what are ya up to lately? Surely wandering in the woods isn't your routine, right? For that's kinda... odd and dangerous I would say.
He let out a slight growl, his eyes slightly glowing.


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