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Charlie2018-11-06 14:49:44

Hi can you change my daughters birthday her birthday to age 14 username is piplupistheebestpoke1

Charlie2018-11-06 14:49:44

Hi can you change my daughters birthday her birthday to age 14 username is piplupistheebestpoke1

кашачий канал 2018-03-06 08:41:54


virosmaster_br2017-08-10 12:09:16

me ajuda

SABA2016-11-18 02:56:09


SABA2016-11-18 02:51:22


XxSumunfanxX2016-08-25 12:19:01

this is to amazing

Jumin002016-08-10 00:39:45

roblox robux

sean brigham2016-07-14 17:32:29

i need to varify my account it is smileymiley

Edgar19722016-02-19 04:51:17

My son accidently hit 2003 except of 1998. His name is RyanVsGaming1. Can you please change it?

drawloveer2016-01-23 12:58:27

hey m looking for freinds anyone want to caht

emd12122015-08-08 09:52:51

i cant update my account because it says to click the link but i cant , can you please update my account.

shockerXXX2015-07-28 19:11:55

so what am i do i do to verify

craftydragon2632015-06-23 21:26:35


Tyler 2015-01-08 15:41:11

i want to change my email i want to update it how do i do that ?

Lexie2015-01-03 20:26:44

Hi I put the wrong varifycation (Spelt that wrong sorry) What do I do! I put the wrong age and I can't do crap!

KystelFinder2014-12-24 15:01:07

Um you know this just a drawing and this is not the creator you just go to Roblox and go to its blog

christopher2014-11-12 15:52:22

i want to change my email on roblox but i dont have change email button.

warriorlover1012014-10-20 16:49:19


elias113622014-07-22 11:11:33

hello im elias11362

fire8764612014-07-09 22:41:42

My daughter (fire876461) accedentially put her age as 2003 when she meant to put it as 2000. If you could change it to what it's supposed to be, we would really appreciate it.

ryanjjr2014-04-27 14:27:11

I played Roblox for five years...Now I can't play it at all.If you undate and fix my old graphics I would be thankful.My bother said,"i need help i can't run i can't jump."So plz fix my graphics and update my computer

kakbrandon2014-03-24 17:29:03

i put the wrong email adress and put the wrong age im 14 and it wont let me change my email adress

Twistergirl2013-10-06 09:00:53

Hi My Son (zorn0) Clicked on 2003 and he's 13 Could You Please Change It Too 2000

Lolman13452013-10-06 08:57:21

My Son Is 13 And Clicked On 2003 On Fail Year He Didnt See It Can U Please CHange Him To 13 nam (zorn0)

Leyton2013-09-13 10:08:05

can you plz change my son's birthday i was meant to put it as 1999 but got the date wrong his username is LeytonT2003

chrispw082013-08-31 13:57:19

hello my name is chrispw08 im now old er and i want to cange my age to 13 im 13and 13 and i want to cange it

vamboom2013-07-11 08:04:04


On roblox my name is vamboom and I axidently registeredas a younger person and please can you help me verify my email. Thank you

tommyeann2013-06-03 10:20:22

hey can u change it nobody has yet his name is epicboss1234567 and goku9856

boombangpow2013-06-01 09:34:13

Please change my son's birthday to 1995 instead of 2001, I was giving this as bday present & hit wrong dates.
Thank you

Carolyn2013-05-31 19:11:39

This is chara53 mom i put his date 8/23/02 because i didn't know if i should of put his real age Can you chage it for chara53 ?

chara532013-05-31 19:00:13

change my age plz

chara532013-05-31 18:58:41

Im 13 but i put down the wrong age by an aaccidently. THX

Foxygirl2013-05-30 15:23:08


sara2013-05-27 11:49:43

i would like my daghter to change her age because she is 13 not 12 her name is shanpolo

tommyeann2013-05-21 15:08:43

i want my son to talk to everyone his name is epicboss1234567

goku98562013-05-21 15:07:27

my name is tommye ann and i want my son to talk to every one the roblox name is goku9856

goku98562013-05-21 15:05:14

i am fourtheen and i want to chat with everyone

Sharon Young2013-05-18 11:56:53

My son is 13 now and i would like him to be able to chat with his friends and other roblox players please change it his username is wacychristopher123.

damian2013-05-12 10:49:53

change my age

rachel2013-05-08 09:25:51

greenlikeables age can be changed

kelly2013-05-08 08:14:51

i would like to change my son's age because now he's 14
and his name is kookoo56 on roblox.

Leah2013-05-07 08:55:14

My daughter has put the wronge age in she is 14 so can you put that she is 14 her name on roblox is Lucyterry

Rex2013-05-06 21:55:30

Roblox can you please change my son's account AbandonedM8axy to 13 years 0ld because he always conplaining that he pressed the wrong date 2002 but acctually his birth day was 1999

Peter2013-05-03 00:56:33

Could you please change my child`s age. She wants to be able to talk. The name is fredy1837.

erika2013-04-16 12:37:27

my son's account is chino1128l.

erika2013-04-16 12:36:26

roblox my son put made his account and accidently put that he was 11 years old but he was in a rush and he clicked the wrong date his birthday is right but the wrong part is his birth year he was born in 1998 please make his account right because he is begging me to tell you to tell you this roblox people and please do it quick he is getting anoyying.

shakira2013-04-10 14:32:10

oh can you change the age to thirteen for my child
she is called heyitsren101

shakira2013-04-10 14:30:55

my child is now thirteen so can you help me change the age please

jimmy2013-04-06 03:43:00

hi it is jimmy again(bunnyrabbit0) can you please do it now we are in a rush


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