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I feel dead inside

I just want to die. I dread going to school everyday, because no one will talk to me, my family doesn't trust me anymore, my sisters punch me and kick me, and yell at me whenever I do anything.

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FlamingFeather2018-08-18 09:52:14


xLegendaryWolfx2017-11-25 19:30:57

Yeah, Simon, i'll be on my Chromebook tomorrow

xLegendaryWolfx2017-11-25 19:30:16

Ok Sakura-sama :') i'm crying right now

SimonTheDumbie2017-11-25 19:29:22

Thank you, if you had your chrome book, or if it wasnt dead, I would invite you to draw with my on aggie.io i would invite all of you ;-;, things dont always work out ig

Belivin2017-11-25 19:25:19

same here

Sakura-sama2017-11-25 19:19:58

Hey man, please don't say you want to end it all :''[ Things will get better, even if it takes a while. No matter what happens, just remember that there is a light after every tunnel. You just gotta remember that everyone who wrongs you is just jealous of how great you are. Don't listen to the negativity, remember every single positive thing instead. If you ever need to talk to anyone, I'm here <3

xLegendaryWolfx2017-11-25 19:16:43

Ok Simon, i'll try my best to have a good life, but my biggest plan is to help me an my family get to heaven (I told my dad that when he was in the hospital.) Thank you Simon. What you said, was beautiful. And you're all I got now. You're my only friend that truly understands me.

SimonTheDumbie2017-11-25 19:08:51

Basically it was this --> Keep trying please, You're special, please keep trying." My laptop is like broken I swear so it cuts off, I'm sorry, but please keep trying you mean alot to everyone.

SimonTheDumbie2017-11-25 19:07:22

wait why did it end at keep trying i meant to say you're special ;-;

SimonTheDumbie2017-11-25 19:06:48

I know it's hard to have a family like that, It's hard believe me I know, but you shouldn't kill yourself because so many people would miss you so would I, and that would bring misery and pain and other people would want to die too because they love you I do too. You're funny and happy usually and I like talking to you anywhere anytime, you're one of the best friends I ever had compaired to what I have in reality. I get bullied and called names by my friends. Keep trying

xLegendaryWolfx2017-11-25 18:51:43

I just wish it would all end...

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