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I Give Up..

I'm being forgotten..Hello Pet is where some of my most loved friends are on there..Two of my closest left..And nobody remembers me..I should just stop acting like I'm important..

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Belivin2017-09-17 14:36:59


RainPie2017-09-16 12:20:44

(Yes I very sensitive) (Also I wasn talking about SLimber, I was talking about Hello Pet, One of my friends died so ya, The other left, Only a few even talk to me, And now my other friend is starting to ignore me, And My closets friend on there left)

RubyRain2017-09-15 14:25:36

And by, "NightStar would never talk to me like that,"

Did you take offense to me telling you that you've got tons of BloodPie fans & supporters?
- Because it's true, pretty much everyone on slimber ( who uses it still ) know about you, and a lot are making fanart, you could aways try making them your friends.

NightStar2017-09-15 14:11:59

RubyRain IS my new acc btw.

RainPie2017-09-15 07:13:43

(The only reason he could get to my account was because he snatched the chromebook -3-)

RainPie2017-09-15 07:12:56

Sorry, tht was EmperorBomb saying ur right oooo I will beat him. But anyway yeah I just get moments ok?

RainPie2017-09-15 07:11:59

Well first of all, You're probablly not NightStar because I know NightStar would never talk to me like that, Second, I was having a moment, MY CLOSEST FRIENDS LEFT ME AND ONE OF THEM DIED SO YEAH, Third, Don't just make an account just to copy off of my friend NightStar and not make any art.

But maybe your right.

RubyRain2017-09-15 05:12:55

Do you literally not see all the ship art of you and BloodDust?

Like, you've got literally the most attention i've seen anyone on here get.

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