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I Just Hate It How

My side is constanly hurting LIKE DUDE STOP IT FOR 5 SECONDS! Also I have too much on my mind but I was bullied into silence so now when I over think my head hurts and itś hurting now. Also (Comments)

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Belivin2017-10-13 16:24:16


LonelyDemon2017-09-18 18:23:21

And also the muscles right at my eyebrows cant rest. It hurts everyday except for when I go to sleep cuz then I can feel it. It hurts now so yeah. I tried relaxing it by pushing it down and getting it to calm down..BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO It can relax for one second and save me the trouble...Also my whole bus hates me yesh they call em ugly ya :3 I know I am thats y I say that I knwo I am when someone calls me that :D

LonelyDemon2017-09-18 18:21:31

Its rude first of all. It means u have no life laughing at kids that aren your own.(Dont laugh at ur own anyway) And also these public kids r bullying me and laughing at me too. And store adults just look at me because I have an insecurity I was bullied my whole life for it(Not telling u what it is) And yeah so yeah I already have Humanity against me, so what now?

LonelyDemon2017-09-18 18:20:03

Pizza with no kids and u just gojg there. Like rlly? And then these other adults laughed at me for I forgot why. ANd then I got out of line right? I aske the subsitute ride guy can I get back in with this ticket. He laughed and said No thats how u get in the first time. I was gonna be like I didn use it tho but my mom came and I was like ugh omg let me go off on him, But I nice I don do that to adults first of all. Y R ADULTS, GROWN PPL, LAUGHING AT ME!?

LonelyDemon2017-09-18 18:18:22

My bottom organs in my body always pop :< I men liek what the heck? But anyway yeah my side keeps hurting and then at that moment..*Cough*Period*Couch*It hurt s WAY WORSE and I cant even stand. And poeple in public(Adults) r starting to laugh at me...Like I was at Incredible Pizza tellign the ride dude how old I was, 12, becuz he asked. Then these two adults girls laughed and said, ´´She said she was 12´´ and Iḿ like how is that funny. Oh probably cuz u have no life being at Incredible

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