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I'm sorry that Quix is hard to draw (desc.)

I have taken notice that Quixadex (character) is hard to draw.That's well one of many reason why noone draws him...(more in comments)

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QuixadextheTeacher2017-12-28 20:38:42

this is so unprofessionally written but m in a site where stuff happens so idc

QuixadextheTeacher2017-12-28 20:33:12

You can make a character after him too tho but you can at least credit me or not idgaf.You can make him wear a hoodie or something idk.If you make a rant about me i don't really care unless it's a good rant and have some good points to it.

QuixadextheTeacher2017-12-28 20:30:16

But the things i don't allow is anything feminine or something illegal.

QuixadextheTeacher2017-12-28 20:28:55

I don't care how you draw him now tho you can draw him as a furry or a human.As long he has the color scheme,The glasses,The Stitches and maybe the goatee.

QuixadextheTeacher2017-12-28 20:26:48

Even tho his one of the simplest characters i have made in awhile.Peoplehave difficulty and i understand.His not a furry or a human his just a made up boi with skin covered in feathers and no nose.

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