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I'm sorry...(vent)

I'm deeply sorry i wish i didn't cause this much pain.M the source of this pain I wish you could've ignored me but you didn't (more in comments)

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RainPie2018-01-09 14:20:48

Oh, you're not the problem Quix. The World is. And you may feel that you are but there are people out there starving and being abused everyday at younger ages and rlly poor and living on the streets, they feel like nothing to. They know your pain and so do I. I need you to be strong :)

Belivin2018-01-08 14:02:51

haha i liek people who ruin relationships :>

QuixadextheTeacher2018-01-08 13:38:11

nvm m goin now

QuixadextheTeacher2018-01-08 13:37:50


QuixadextheTeacher2018-01-08 13:37:27

You guys would've stay being a couple but i came in ruined everything.

Belivin2018-01-08 13:37:05

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QuixadextheTeacher2018-01-08 13:35:48

I wish you guys ignored me but no now m causing all this bullshit.

QuixadextheTeacher2018-01-08 13:34:09

I wish i didn't came here because you guys would be happy without me.I wish i didn't talk to you guys and bonded with you guys because if i didn't you guys would be much happier with out me.

QuixadextheTeacher2018-01-08 13:30:30

I'm sorry that i existed to just doing this I'm useless against your problems I'm sorry i couldn't help you during your rough times I wish i be someone that you can count on but i have became a traitor and hurt you..

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