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i missed u old friend....

Zack: *gasps* WTF is that thing doing here?! Michelle: well i missed this old friend Zack: so u borught i it back?! Michelle: don't call "it", and yes Zack:well wut i am suposed to call it?!

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adathehedgehog1012013-12-16 20:05:19

:Ada: walks back to her house*

iluvhetaila2013-12-16 19:59:15

Michelle: oh k

adathehedgehog1012013-12-16 19:58:49

:Ada: i'm going back to my house now...

iluvhetaila2013-12-16 19:55:17

Michelle: oh k....

adathehedgehog1012013-12-16 19:53:00

:Ada: look i'm fine okay..........

iluvhetaila2013-12-16 19:50:33

Michelle: u sure, u sound depressed....

adathehedgehog1012013-12-16 19:49:55

:Ada: yeah i'm fine......

iluvhetaila2013-12-16 19:46:23

Michelle: u k ada?

adathehedgehog1012013-12-16 19:45:59

:Leon: *thinks i wounder why Ada's not in a happy joyfull mod like always?*...

iluvhetaila2013-12-16 19:44:08


adathehedgehog1012013-12-16 19:42:06

:Ada: hey.....

oliviagricci2013-12-16 19:41:58

olivia:my insanity only comes in oct
olivia:oh srry death, we go hunt now,u guys r welcom to come if u know how to hunt without wepons*begins to walk away with death*

iluvhetaila2013-12-16 19:40:30

Michelle: oh hi! ^.^

adathehedgehog1012013-12-16 19:39:11

:Ada: i'm back........

iluvhetaila2013-12-16 19:38:45

Michelle: im already in my insane side right now, my sanity self is gone *thinks* ((i hated her so much =-=.....))

oliviagricci2013-12-16 19:37:37

olivia:im miss my insanity

iluvhetaila2013-12-16 19:36:44

Michelle: ^.^ Zack: .___.ll Michelle: wut, im not going to do anything, i just missed the old friend ^_^

oliviagricci2013-12-16 19:35:22

death:*huffs and lies down*

iluvhetaila2013-12-16 19:34:35

Michelle: yep the good old times XD

iluvhetaila2013-12-16 19:34:12

Michelle: belvoth Zack: are u serious, u named your own cainsaw?! Michelle: yes and don't judge, i missed the old friend Zack: *sighs and face plams*.... i swear u are something Michelle: *raies her cainsaw* so wut is u descirbe me? Zack: nevermind! Michelle: no no, if u have something to say, say it to my face Zack: n nothing! Michelle: *lowers her cainsaw * if u say so ^.^ i luv scareing people XDD

oliviagricci2013-12-16 19:33:27

olivia:*wags tail like crazy to were death has to move*i remember when i first met u all u and zack faught and u u sed this chainsaw and zack used his nife XD it was so much fun watching u guys try to kill eachother((thats how u me and tianna all became friends))

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