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i think me and Galaxy_Kitty should leave

thanks for not being there and Galaxy_Kitty is leaveing to

Other drawings by DarkGalaxyKitty<3

RainPie2017-02-05 17:48:22

Okie! :D (Sorry if u wasn't tslking to me)

chocolate_pony2017-02-04 07:24:55

i know DarkGalaxyKitty<3 and Galaxy_Kitty they are sisters DarkGalaxy is my best friend in real life = just you know leting you know k

RainPie2017-02-03 16:11:23

TEM_SHOP_WITH_TIMME YOU R JUST MAKING IT WORSE!!! Galixy_Kitty and DarkGalixyKitty(Or if you too r the same person) I think your drawings r awesome and I don't want you to leave and feel left out because I went through the same feeling and I don't want that for anyone else. When I had my old account Me,OrangePie I felt like nobody liked me because of how many stas I had on my "Sorry" drawing and I thought that the people wanted me to leave but I don't want that for you s

Tem_Shop_With_Temmie2017-02-03 15:50:01

Please, chill these accounts are just starting drama.

SilverWolf_162017-02-03 15:10:47

NUUUU!!!!!! DON"T LEAVE!!!!!!!! Don't be sad if people think your left out. no one cares about me, but i'm still here! ;-;

One Is Dead2017-02-03 14:40:22

But, i'm your friend :<

DarkGalaxyKitty<32017-02-03 14:26:37

and i have no friends then i feel like no one can see me... i feel lonly =c

Galaxy_Kitty2017-02-03 14:23:32

me and my sister feels left out so kitty stoped then i did we just feel like we were NVER here...

emojiartist422017-02-03 14:19:54

uh.. no u shoulden't

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