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I trusted you...

So this is something that is going to happen to Mercy and it will change her look,but the color is not permanent.And i was to lazy to draw the rest of her body so i just cut it out.

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Nightmarebonnie2016-10-09 09:43:20

k, It took me a min to find it it o3o)

Grape2016-10-09 09:36:22

(Aww okay)

Grape2016-10-09 09:36:05

Teagan yelped in pain Mercy was going over to help but she couldn't move.

Kena2016-10-09 09:35:35


Kena2016-10-09 09:35:00

kena punched teagan in the face
kena snapped out of it
kena:can you just leave me alone?!..

Grape2016-10-09 09:33:36

Teagan growled at Kena screamed and tried to fight her off.Claudin just watched excitment filled her eyes.Mercy got up and looked at Kena.

Kena2016-10-09 09:31:26

kena:i guess i have no choice..
she sighed and begin to threw teagan to the ground
kena:i have to do this..

Grape2016-10-09 09:30:03

Claudin laughed and shook their head.Teagan stood over Mercy ready to kill her,Mercy was weak and couldn't fend for herself.

Kena2016-10-09 09:27:24

she then looked at teagan
kena:STOP IT!

Grape2016-10-09 09:26:15

Mercy:Don't worry Kena i am-Her sentence was cut off when Teagan punched her in the stomach Mercy fell backwards and was coughing up blood.

Kena2016-10-09 09:22:49

she begin to sweat alot

Grape2016-10-09 09:21:58

Mercy:They aren't a child!She yelled at Kena.Claudin just stood there and smiled like she was waiting for the right moment.

Kena2016-10-09 09:18:36

kena shocked agian
she yelled back

Grape2016-10-09 09:17:24

Claudin:Really?...I've been here for awhile...
Mercy:Kena that's the demon that's possessing Teagan!She yelled at her.

Kena2016-10-09 09:15:34

kena:well..hi..im kena...i have not seen you before..

Grape2016-10-09 09:14:12

They smiled the began to spoke they're voice was a soft whisper they spoke only a few words "I'm....claudin.."They said softly and quietly.

Kena2016-10-09 09:11:54

kena saw the child,she was confused
kena:w-who are you?..

Grape2016-10-09 09:11:07

Mercy backed up a bit,Teagan raised her knife the child stood beside Teagan.The child smiled at Mercy and Kena.

Kena2016-10-09 09:09:36

kena gulped
kena:why are you guys looking at me like that?...
kena could feel the darkness taking over her

Grape2016-10-09 09:08:10

Teagan stopped and started at Kena Mercy looked at Kena.A small child with gray shinny skin walked out from behind some trees.

Kena2016-10-09 09:06:10

kena let teagan go
kena:your just like me nOw...
she shocked
kena:oh god..not agian...

Grape2016-10-09 09:04:18

Teagan looked hard into Kenas eye's still trying to stab her.Mercy ran up towards Kena.
Mercy:Don't hurt her!She's possessed she can't control what she's doing!she told Kena

Kena2016-10-09 09:01:46

kena:can you just stop!?
she grabed teagans hand

Grape2016-10-09 08:59:02


Kena2016-10-09 08:28:40

aww ok

Grape2016-10-09 08:26:46


Grape2016-10-09 08:23:52

Teagan didn't awnser she stoped and was getting ready to stab Kena Mercy stopped and looked back and saw what was going to happen and she started to run back to where they were.

Kena2016-10-09 08:19:49

kena saw teagan
she then blocked teagans way
kena:what do you think your doing?

Grape2016-10-09 08:18:42

Mercy:Run Kena run!She yelled at her while running past her.Teagan was almost close her knife held high in her hand.

Kena2016-10-09 08:15:38

kena saw mercy running
she begin to run to see why mercy is running

Grape2016-10-09 08:14:08

Mercy slowly crept away from the tree then she stepped on a twig catching Teagans attention.Teagan began to ran towards the sound,Mercy jumped and began to run away Teagan wasn't far behind her.

Kena2016-10-09 08:11:56

kena sighed,why does this happend to her?she moved her tail

Grape2016-10-09 08:10:49

Teagan had her knife held in her hand looking for Mercy.She was angry but she wasn't herself.Mercy hide behind a tree tears rolling down her cheeks.

Kena2016-10-09 08:07:37

np and sure,you start

Grape2016-10-09 08:05:46

Thank you and do you want to rp?Sorry for asking i'm just in the mood right now,and i don't bother you do i?

Kena2016-10-09 08:04:38

cool! :o i like it!

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