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i would let this kids get f'd by pedo bear


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DominaRhytam22017-12-30 20:27:49

I agree with @Sakura-sama .... even so, they are children. Yes, Their behaviours and habits are HORRIBLE and say how much they dont want to be changed, but wishing rape upon them doesn't make things better. I understand you saying that because of how they act and dress my be provokitive.... I feel like it's because women/girls are oversexualized in media and little girls see this stuff everywhere so they pick it up

Sakura-sama2017-12-30 16:03:13

*saying in the future, okay?

Sakura-sama2017-12-30 16:03:01

I really hope you do know rape isn't anything to joke about. It doesn't matter how messed up or how bad the child/person/whatever is, no one deserves to be raped. Yes, this girl deserves a punishment but it needs to be actual help, like finding out why this person is acting in such a way and letting her know how many people are there for her. Being "f'd by pedo bear" (aka rape) will just make things worse. I do hope you're joking. Please consider what you're sa

RainPie2017-12-30 12:51:56

If I was her mom honestly I would slap the black off of her because who do u think you are to be talking to e like that honey nu uh Imma get that belt and u better get in that shower cuz it's coming. U wanna talk back to me? How about we let this belt talk TURN AROUND

RainPie2017-12-30 12:47:38


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