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Im on for a bit- Fern

Im in a rlly good mood so far because I've had two really good days in a row! ;3 So how are yall?

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Grape2016-09-11 13:47:27


Fernclaw2016-09-11 13:40:00


Awesomewolf6572016-09-11 13:36:46

Oh! Okay I was confused. That sounds cool. Sorry Fern! I have to leave. Bai!

Fernclaw2016-09-11 13:34:00

I thought of this awhile after I made Nick from Swapplay. P.S. When I refer to the name "Nick", I mean the one from Swapplay. And when I refer to the name "Midnight", I mean the one from Roleplay. And only Swapply Nick would be able to have this power, for Behemoth in Roleplay has the ability to do this, he just hasn't figured it out yet. But Midnight can't do this. Aquarius would have to do it for him.

Awesomewolf6572016-09-11 13:29:59

Wow. When did you think of this? This sounds really cool. Would it be Swapplay Nick being able to do this? Or is it Nick in the roleplay world go to Swapplay world??

Fernclaw2016-09-11 13:26:29

Well, Im planning that once every full blue moon, Nick can visit the "Roleplay" universe. He can leave the "Swapplay" universe and enter the "Roleplay" universe for a week, making a passageway for the swapplay characters to meet the roleplay characters. But however, only he will know about this and other people can join him only if he tells them about it.

Awesomewolf6572016-09-11 13:22:03

Yeah! I would love to hear it!

Fernclaw2016-09-11 13:18:24

Pft, I have an idea/concept! Do you want to hear it?

Awesomewolf6572016-09-11 13:16:55

It's good to hear that you have had a good couple of days. It's great! So... there is no point in asking you how you are. xD Hm. I like this drawing tho. It's a masterpiece.

Fernclaw2016-09-11 13:13:37

Hello XD

Awesomewolf6572016-09-11 13:07:50

I is here now to talk to ze Fernclaw. xD Hello.

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