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Six Flags At Fright Fest I dabbed at a scary guy and he came running at me XD and I clapped and did the wat r those to someone and he came running at me and I ran screaming XD (Comments)

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Belivin2017-11-20 15:18:30


RainPie2017-10-09 11:03:46

XD Then someone else did that to me and I fell the other way XD But I wasnt hurt

xLegendaryWolfx2017-10-09 10:40:34


RainPie2017-10-09 09:36:43

XD I went yesterday LET MEH KILL DA ZOMBIE I saw a zombie that looked like Harley Quinn I told ehr to come at me but unfortionately she was dragging a shovel and she came at me roaring :´D

The_Cute_Cookie2017-10-09 09:29:56

did you go today or yesturday? XD thats what happened to me the last time i was at fright fest when we were going home a zombie started chasing us all the way to the car I WAS HEKA SCARED! XD

RainPie2017-10-09 09:25:25

And this kid clown(The one who ran at me and I stayed then ran) I dabbed at him and HE DABBED BACK :OOOOO XDDDDDDDD And the witch I told him to come at me and I dabbed and he zoomed at me but I dodged him gotty! XO

RainPie2017-10-09 09:24:34

And this girl I met, her mum 71 year old got on the Mister Freeze! WILD WOMNA :OO Her grandson on the other hand, had a stroke when he was born, he has trouble with his left arm and he has a lot of seziers but takes medicine for them, so guess what I did! I GAVE HIM A TAGGED BY GOD Wristband :DDDDDD He was so small and cooooot I gave him hug so coot :3

RainPie2017-10-09 09:23:02

I also think my freind was mad at meh because it was my FIRST time getting on the Boomerrang and I was hyperventilating but I wasnt scared but then he wanted to cry even tho he got on a million times >:( Come on even I wasnt crying and it was my first time! He lucky he didnt cry on the Mine Train liek I did! (Because it looked new and I get worried when things arent the way they r XC dont judge I get scared)

RainPie2017-10-09 09:21:28

And den and den there was a clown again and I said ¨Come at me bro!¨ so he came at me and I was hiding behind my mom he went up and said ¨What was that!¨ And I kept screaming XD Then I did something evill >:3 I told the butcher to scare my mum and he went up to her XDDDDDDDDDDDD

RainPie2017-10-09 09:20:13

And then when I went in the safe cage the butcher grabbed it and growled and I was leik NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU so I ran and then this clown he saw me trying to sneak up on him so he started running at me and I stayed cuz I was leik CHu not gon do notinnnn but he got closer so I ran away XD

RainPie2017-10-09 09:19:07

This clown with a chainsaw he saw me backng up and started walking towards me so I shook my head and he backed up because he knew I was saying nu dont do it :´( XD And this witch in a roller car came at e ut im fast so I easily dodged her lel and then this butcher came at me I dabbed at him and he started screaming and running at me so I ran and the trolls were TRYING to catch me but TOO SLOW XD

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