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Imma make a book on here

I'll be copying and pasting some chapters from my book i'm making on Google Docs. And be drawings some parts in the story as well. This is the title of the book; A Wolf's Legend.

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Bunnie-nacs2017-09-22 23:58:05

cool book ^-^

LegendaryWolf123452017-09-22 21:21:05

-clan. (end of chapter 1)

LegendaryWolf123452017-09-22 21:20:45

MacDuncan, was dying, and soon a new Chieftain would rise. His mate, Cathmor, cared for him, and his son, Liam, was getting ready to be Chieftain. Legendary was 11 months old, almost a full grown wolf. The wolves made fun of her because she has never hunted, and she has a spiral shape on her paw. She will prove them wrong, and earn her place in the clan. She could maybe have the chance to be a outflanker, or a lieutenant. But as long as she can prove herself, she will earn herself a place in the

LegendaryWolf123452017-09-22 21:20:03

explore outside the den, and play while her father went and joined the rest of the clan for the big hunt. Tonight they would hunt moose. The clan split into 3 packs, and would crowd around the prey, and the outflankers would go in for the kill. Chieftains are the leaders(they of course are simalar to Alpha wolves) of the clan, while the lords lead the packs. There are three or more packs in each clan, the river pack, the blue rock pack, and the pack of the eastern scree. Their Chieftain, Duncan

LegendaryWolf123452017-09-22 21:17:55

Once upon a time there was a wolf named Legendary. She had a white pelt with a black chest, black and silver paws, and a diamond on her forehead. She also had a spiral mark on her right paw. Her father, Micha, thought she was a malcadh, the ancient wolf word for, “cursed deformed wolf,” but he just thought it would fade away in the future. She has 3 siblings, her sister, Mystic, and her 2 brothers, Elo and Faolan (after the Great Wolf Faolan). When they were about 2 weeks old, they could-

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