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I pretty much mean't how they make the sex thing so small (like 3 pages long ?)but understand how they have to make it a small scene

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Oi-Its-Hetalia2017-06-12 06:30:17

some things i like about girls. but my best friend is gay. he is also transgender and gets harrassed because of both. And i stand up for him, this was mostly just an instinct because i stand up for him. So I'm sorry if I made you feel like I attacked you, its kinda just a mothers instinct because im more of a mom of him then his own mom.

So sorry again, hope you dont take it as I'm just this huge bitch that wants everyone unhappy. <3

Oi-Its-Hetalia2017-06-12 06:27:14

i see where youre getting at now. before i thought you were uneducated about yaoi and just lashing out on it for no reason. but i can totally agree. it just makes me upset when people just take something that has been known for something, giant hands in this factor, and just stick a lable on everything that is related to that even though it doesnt have that. me myself, i dont like yaoi. but i also thought you were saying "oh its gay so its already bad". I'm not gay, I mostly like

mugi2017-06-12 05:52:10

oMMGG U HoMoPHObic NOORD!111!! teh YAoiz iz bEsTTTT!!!! noTHING WRong WITH IT??!!!!! ITS BEttER THAN ALL GENRES OF MANGA >:(((!!!!!!111!!

that killed me to type out

Quixadex_Knoxwell2017-06-12 05:30:21

Sometimes rewatching yaoi makes you see small details.It pretty much makes me hate it...The only thing I like that includes a gay couple is Yuri!!! on Ice.I like how the relationship grew...How it doesn't have to be a gay sex scene every day or something

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