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Kakashi Hatake

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aspen-otaku2016-09-18 23:06:53

i meant to leave the headband off

GenkiSolomon2016-09-17 12:54:10

you forgot his headband, great job for tackleing this view point though. under the neck is tough.

xDepresed-emo-Girl2016-09-10 17:44:53

your welcome

aspen-otaku2016-09-10 17:34:05

thanks, i feel a little bit better about it now

xDepresed-emo-Girl2016-09-10 17:29:48

it does not suck balls, it looks really good to me

xDepresed-emo-Girl2016-09-10 17:28:31

ill look at it rk

aspen-otaku2016-09-10 17:22:19

did you SEE my Naruto? it sucked balls!!! i used the pad for that one

but, i used a mouse for this drawing

xDepresed-emo-Girl2016-09-10 17:19:46

lol its not rerally hard

aspen-otaku2016-09-10 17:19:27

wow, respect

xDepresed-emo-Girl2016-09-10 17:18:29

that sucks, ive always used my laptop, i cant use a mouse i use a pad

aspen-otaku2016-09-10 17:17:26

YAY, my tablet broke, so I'm forced to get used to a mouse lol XD

xDepresed-emo-Girl2016-09-10 17:15:15

aw thanks, lol its been a wile i got cought up on school and then summer came and so i ad a vaka. But ill be on a lot more again

aspen-otaku2016-09-10 17:13:23

You're art makes me happy, i always think of when you were always online, it was cool because you make just the most epic stuff

xDepresed-emo-Girl2016-09-10 17:11:16

your welcome :)

aspen-otaku2016-09-10 16:56:01

thanks bebe

xDepresed-emo-Girl2016-09-10 16:51:36

thats really good aspen

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