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kena ref-kena

its hard to write with a mouse o.o btw info in comments

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Kena2016-10-09 08:04:50


Grape2016-10-09 08:02:21

I'm done with it.

Kena2016-10-09 07:45:50


Grape2016-10-09 07:44:39

Yeah it's gonna be kinda sad or idk.

Kena2016-10-09 07:42:23

oooooh cant wait to see it

Grape2016-10-09 07:41:57

Oh..I'm just drawing something that will happen to Mercy.

Kena2016-10-09 07:41:02

noiceee and i dont khow what to do...:P

Grape2016-10-09 07:38:11

That's good and i've been okay,so what ya doing?

Kena2016-10-09 07:36:49

thanke im fine

Grape2016-10-09 07:29:51

Cool and how have you been?

Kena2016-10-09 06:58:46

she also likes puns..i forgot to put that sorry

Kena2016-10-09 06:56:20

just copy and paste the link of the theme songs if it does not work

Kena2016-10-09 06:55:49

heres the story of how kena got the scars on he left arm:http://slimber.com/gallery/image/why-kena-wears-the-white-jacket-kena:u550714.html

Kena2016-10-09 06:54:54

1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPe7ggZMI5E
2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mkePUgLO5U
3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imCd-m32oAs
4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXDC89tZ4IQ

Kena2016-10-09 06:51:17

-she got a scar on her stomach from a old friend of hers,zalgokena was the reason why she got alot of pain from her old friends.kena now feels diffrent inside becase of the darkness that is inside her now (becase of zalgokena)kena now turns into kena e.x.e sometimes.kenas soul has now a scar becase zalgokena took the red heart that was part of her soul,zalgokena told her that the red heartis part of her soul not kenas.kena was confused.

Kena2016-10-09 06:47:27

story(i changed it btw):kenas brother was born first before kena,her brothers name was devin the wolf,her father was a wolf and her mother was a fennec fox.when kena and devin grown up was their parents old and died so they had to take care of eachother,kena then got so much pain,first teagan //that belongs to gothic// cut her arm of and it got fixed,second her bad side.zalgokena made a big scar on her forhead.and then she got alot of scars on her left arm from her old partner loxy.and now (cont

Kena2016-10-09 06:41:36

age:idk yet
species:fennec fox (she does not look like one for you,my hand hurts alot now so i could not draw her ears bigger)
likes:waffles,her friends,being alone for awhile,her brother.devin,the ocean
hates:her bad side,people who hurt her brother,the darkness,being annoyed,the pain that she got from her old friends that is now her enemys

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