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Kin of the Shadow's Garden

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NightStar2017-04-18 21:01:24

^ ^

NightStar2017-04-18 21:01:06

I will be making a sign up to join Kin of The Shadow's Grave.

NightStar2017-04-18 21:00:37

( continued )))
* Natural disasters ( Includes, Tornados, rain stroms, thunder storms, tsunami's, hurricanes, earth quakes, volcanic eruptio, ect. Can only be found in cats who are in sync with nature.
* Invisibility ( Common in white cats, or grey tabbies. Every part is invisible, yet the eyes are slightly visible.
* Stars ( Not much is known about this element, but the one to posess the power to shot misty, glowing stars are wise and noble, common in blind cats.

NightStar2017-04-18 20:54:39

+ Kin of The Shadow's Garden +
- - - - Common elements
* Fire ( includes lava. strongest at day, increases accuracy.
* Water ( includes ice, hot water ect. Increases focus.
* Earth ( Includes rocks, metal and magma. increases natural connections.
* Air ( Includes ability to bend wind, increases speed.
- - - Not so common elements
* Lightning ( increases speed and common in tempered cats.
* Poison ( Rare for cats without green eyes, increases speed.
--- Rare element/s
* Natural disasters (

NightStar2017-04-18 20:45:14

+ Kin of The Shadow's Garden +

Years after Shadow's death, many kits had grown strong, finding inside themselves their own elements. They prospered and grew strong and stealthy. The night was when they felt strongest, and when their powers were strongest.

NightStar2017-04-18 20:43:32

Breif History
----- ( continued )
Shadow never fit in with her tribe. They had left her out alone to starve and die in the cold. Yet, her death brought on new plant life. The Sun Tribe hadn't known about the great powers Shadow had held within. They hadn't known she had the ability to grow plant life, infact, Shadow herself never knew. She had promised herself before she died that she would, as a spirit, lead others to become strong enough to attack the Sun Tribe.

NightStar2017-04-18 20:38:29

+ Kin of The Shadow's Garden +

Breif History
Many moons ago lived a young kit. Her name was Shadow. Shadow was the runt of her litter, and unlike her siblings, had black fur. Shadow was born in the Sun Tribe.
A tribe filled of bright colors ranger from dark, but only white to the darkest red. But it was rare to see a kit born with black fur in the tribe. Because of this, the Sun Tribe claimed her cursed, and took her out in the forest, leaving her to starve.
( continued:

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