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WinterTheWolf™ 2016-11-17 16:43:44

teach me o3o

I_love_wolves2014-09-13 15:59:50

It looks like real lips...0_0

Kwagel2013-11-14 14:37:30

Great Job :D

Jasmine Ametovski2013-05-02 15:41:20

How long did this take, cause its AMAZING

aaliyah g2013-04-24 11:40:22


patrick shaneck2013-04-07 22:46:42

Angy this is beautiful. I'm having trouble even expressing words for this breath taking peice of art. thank you for that. keep up this amazing work.

kawaiipeople <32013-01-13 02:04:28

this is why I dont like slimber: you cant give 1,00,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars to you DX i mean like its not fair! you deserve more stars!!1 and votes but dont worry HATERS GONNA HATE and besides they cant do better than you sorry I have bad grammer or grammar

Heather the bunny2013-01-12 20:59:42

shiny :3

magi13 the wiredo2012-12-07 15:13:02


Seephar2012-12-03 14:26:22

Ok, hackers, get a life and stop being jealous. If you WANT to learn how to draw, take drawing lesson. Geez. *Shakes head*

yourmoms face2012-12-01 13:34:45

you have no life you suck get a job and there a place called deviant art were you can scholarships for you art you baka

Angy2012-11-29 18:03:22

omg. you people think this shit is art?! this looks aweful! my dog can do better than this. I mean really! you people think she's so great but she's NOT! GROW UP AND GET A LIFE, PEOPLE!

gracy4612012-11-25 21:45:17

awooooooooooooooooooooooooooo its amazing!! PS he he i copy my brother for the awooooooooooooooooooooooooooo thing even though im a girl he he

regards from gracy461

maegan2012-11-18 07:19:43

yur drawlings awe awethome!

Nyra Alexandria taylor2012-11-14 08:38:17

Omg! By the time you were drawing the lines on the lip you could've just stopped it was good then and there! BUT LOVED THE OUTCOME! YOUR DRAWINGS ARE INSPIRATIONS TO ME!

thembinkosi2012-11-11 06:24:04

teach me man, im tri*n bt wt u do is too much, i'd like 2 c ma sy*le imp*ved man pls

WildWolves2012-11-04 13:12:26

great job, love it like the other drawings you did

LittleBird2012-11-01 18:30:00

this looks surprising similar to photo!... http://www.google.com/imgres?q=hd+gloss+lips&um=1&hl=en&safe=off&client=safari&sa=N&rls=en&biw=1270&bih=629&tbm=isch&tbnid=L4w91FKwUIQRbM:&imgrefurl=http://www.flickr.com/photos/inhighheels/favorites/with/6953115414/lightbox/&docid=l5guOF8Melmd9M&imgurl=http://farm3.staticflickr.com/2352/2104682603_fd8baf43d7.jpg&w=500&h=305&ei=AiGTULnDCuj50gGUloGYAg&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=943&v

ake2012-10-29 09:15:34

my sister said that she thought your face effected your drawing shes realy mean though ;/ im sorry about her

derpy doo2012-10-14 18:57:49

i mean luv it XD

derpy doo2012-10-14 18:57:24

luv em'

NNN2012-09-28 11:54:15

JUICY haha, fab.

bay2012-09-21 17:42:19

sucks ha jk love it

sillybear1012012-09-12 17:31:24

this is to good for slimber this should be in the museum!

johnto2012-08-26 12:30:33

pure genius

Ashie Goldfeather2012-08-12 04:43:24

*headbutts keyboard* too good!!

Ayame2012-08-08 12:30:41


good dog2012-07-26 22:29:23

oh my

none of your buisness.2012-07-23 19:09:39


Angy2012-07-15 15:37:45

tnx..i dont use tablet.. :)

hey hey hey2012-07-11 17:52:50


PackUpTheCatz2012-07-07 18:42:37

what tablet do you use?

1-Dforevercool2012-07-06 04:33:24

oh my, this has must have tooken you a very long time to finish this is a very nice drawing of a gorgues lip!!

Angy2012-07-03 05:32:24

thank u all....soooo much!

Mei2012-06-30 19:46:05

That's the best drawing (well, not as good as the butterfly eyes, in a good way) of lips I've seen xD

PinoyFretzie2012-06-26 15:25:11

OMG......IT LOOKS SO REALISTIC......ur sooooo worthy of being a famous online artist!!! .ILL RATE U INFINITY stars

Rosy2012-06-24 16:45:58

you're good at drawing!

Katie2012-06-23 11:25:01

wow! soo amazing! that is really cool and so realistic

Angy2012-06-22 16:08:48

Thanks :)

truederectioner2012-06-22 15:52:20

i would rate this a google stars but theres no such thing so i gave you 5

Angy2012-06-18 16:20:29


Dreama L.2012-06-18 15:11:44


levia2012-06-18 13:11:30

*gob smacked...*

Angy2012-06-18 06:41:55

Thank u, for ur comment too :)

melee2012-06-18 06:39:14

wow!!! love the detail and the lighting!!csrry wrong username...thanks 4 ur comments!!

ANGLEE2012-06-18 06:38:19

wow!!! love the detail and the lighting!!

Angy2012-06-18 06:31:55

idk... :)

1-Dforevercool2012-06-18 02:13:12

woah how do ya do that? :O

Angy2012-06-17 14:27:28

Thank u very much :)

derpyhooves2012-06-17 14:14:15

love all your drawings


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