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M planning to leave slimber.(desc./comments)

Not right now but some point in a couple of weeks or so.(reasons in comments)

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Belivin2018-02-01 21:09:18

im a mental helper

Bomby2018-02-01 19:32:40

I'm not begging you to stay or anything like that, you've been here a while, and i suppose you've grown tired of this place, i can respect that. It's your choice.

Bomby2018-02-01 19:30:27

The Russian problem isn't any problem of your fault, besides, you were just trying to help someone, being part of the problem would be encouraging the Russians to copy Ruby. Now, ik people say this a lot but there would be no one like you, the person who actually made me chuckle here and there. If you were to try and make friends who just leave, they're probably busy with school related things, you don't know if they will come back or not.

Bomby2018-02-01 19:24:53

Trust me, your a valuable one to this site, and you can't be a background dude if you always repond to me, Ruby, Simon, and Belivin. So what if people irritate you because of your drawings, they're just trying to make you feel bad about yourself, (i just ignore them all) because they can't do anything to match your art. You aren't annoying anyone at all Quix, people just don't respond to you that often.

QuixadextheTeacher2018-02-01 18:52:49

Plus when i try to make friends on here they leave me so i just miss some of them.

QuixadextheTeacher2018-02-01 18:51:58

M easily replaceable to be honest.

QuixadextheTeacher2018-02-01 18:51:32

when i leave i'll go on a different art site but not the common ones.

QuixadextheTeacher2018-02-01 18:51:01

So pretty much i just feel like a background dude who throws in art for people to judge.

QuixadextheTeacher2018-02-01 18:50:03

so this is the place where i post art very much but i just feel annoying.

QuixadextheTeacher2018-02-01 18:49:26

I don't really believe in myself in art pretty much.I barely even draw irl because people make fun of me.

QuixadextheTeacher2018-02-01 18:47:37

I feel like the russian thing is my fault kind of because i always seem to be talking to them.

QuixadextheTeacher2018-02-01 18:46:31

I also feel like some background dude because m not important.Plus i barely have any friends on here (sorry if you count me as friend :,) )

QuixadextheTeacher2018-02-01 18:45:30

I'm leaving slimber because i feel like m just annoying everyone with my stupid art post every now or then.I feel annoying as the Russians to be honest.

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