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Magenta Sunrise

Other drawings by G♥K

Aleena2016-07-26 23:07:19

Ill of awe. I am ill of awe. THIS IS AWESOME!

But why is there no play button??? I think you pasted it..................

Opalsnow2016-06-03 11:46:13

Try and type slower, or make a new account.

Bill_Cipher2016-02-08 15:28:54

Hey, um, not to but in or anything, but I can't finish a painting because I can't log in. I try to change my password, but it says my email is wrong. Can someone help?

cadence67672015-06-28 13:32:12

A photo posted on the website, this is a piece of art, no doubt. :D

KarlArt2014-09-19 17:27:36

wow wonderful art this art maybe
put on google hope you do more
arts I'll make it as my profile pic lol joke
nice art....

Coolbotsis232014-07-29 17:01:07

BEAUTIFUL!!! :) ~ <3

Angel Khan2014-01-09 03:34:53

Amazing <3

Angel Khan2014-01-09 03:26:17

AWESOME......Its just AMAZING <3

cutekitty04032013-08-18 11:55:37


Timerra Lamoureux2013-05-10 06:52:03

Wish I had the patience for something like this beautiful piece of art.

Faith2013-04-08 16:19:46

that is AMAZING! I could NEVER accomplish such beautiful art work you have created! Wonderful job!

alex kovalchuk2012-02-12 10:05:03


sophiebunny452011-12-28 18:49:23

so beautiful

Artistgirl2011-11-03 07:29:05

OMG i TOTALY love it!!! how do u do it

Nell2011-08-27 09:55:54

SO awesome!!! I thought it was a picture you managed to upload. :) incredible!!!

amber is freaken awsome!2011-07-01 12:05:38

very realistic i like it :]

Gaby2011-06-26 18:13:20


menaime2011-06-10 03:50:39

G♥K pleaaassee !!! i need to talk to u !!! how can i contact u ?

Artist by God's grace 2011-06-02 05:13:51

Amazing!!!! work.

purplegirl8482011-05-31 13:12:39

it must have taken forever for u to draw really good pics like this 1

Inveeyah2011-05-23 04:52:19

Thats amazing!! =)

Kristin G2011-02-22 10:41:19

love the colors :)

nando 2011-02-16 06:39:02

i can do that and were did u learnd how to draw

shithead2011-02-13 16:04:17


Steeben2011-01-15 13:39:16

AMAZING JUST AMAZING. i tried an attemept at drawing something similar but it sucks now that i see yours haha.

Dinky Chickenshorts2010-12-25 21:36:48

Beautiful work.

Heather2010-12-22 14:40:51

amazing you've got the art factor

khaing2010-12-09 17:41:57


Indigo Black2010-12-07 17:09:22

8jaw drops8 OMG! That's amazing! How, I ask you. How?

Mallory Holt2010-11-24 10:06:39

OMG this is the most amazing, beautiful, and realistic drawing I have ever seen!

Mia2010-11-20 18:43:04

OH WOW !!! its amazing !!

Journey2010-11-04 09:44:46

Wow, it looks so realistic! I wish I could do something like that!

Lemontree2010-10-31 11:48:32

Looks like a photograph! Nice.

Emzy 2010-10-27 10:03:30

Wow that is amazing !! i thought that you uploaded it or summert i can't get over how good it is <3

ak2010-09-24 09:43:14

wow !!... its awesome...

NatalieB2010-08-22 08:12:47

dude... when i saw the picture of this i said : i dont believe someone drew it.. OMFG!!! ITS AAAMMAAAZZZIINNNGGGGG

Angel2010-08-19 08:36:54

Awesome! I wish I could do that.

LEONARDO2010-08-17 06:36:15

it looks nice
but i wanna defeat you!!!!!!

Andrew2010-08-03 22:53:29

I think I'll give up now.

I wanna see that in slow-motion.

Kesobanan2010-07-24 11:24:43

:O !!! omg, very very good!!!!!!!

Henry2010-07-09 16:52:14

OMG... it's amazing .... so realistic

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