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AMPCheetah2016-12-29 18:42:37

(You stil here?)

AMPCheetah2016-12-29 18:26:06

Konrad's youthful eyes widened as he heard the whimper. He couldn't help but wonder if the reason Hyper was dead was to reduce the amount of drama with people like this. Kon didn't dare say it out loud. He'd duck, ready for anything.

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AMPCheetah2016-12-29 18:22:04

Kon heard footsteps. "I think your friend is back." He'd tilt his head. "And--I don't know. I kinda already have two built in umbrellas right here." He lifted his wings and laughed. Obeyda helped Velius get up. Sputtering, "robotic, metalic" noises kept escaping his throat. "Thanks, Obxyda. I apprxciatx it. I just--" he'd stammer, "I don't want t-to sound like this forxvxr, you know?" He continued to keep adjusting his collar

Fernclaw2016-12-29 18:21:28

Zax aimed for the window again, directly at Fern's head. The spirit in his head was urging him to do it, although with quite harsh words. Zax was about to shoot when a strong hand suddenly grasped his arm in the rain. Zax gasped and quivered in sheer terror when he looked up to gaze into dark, murderous, purple eyes that belonged to a monster: Behemoth.
Behemoth: What the HECK are you doing?
Zax didn't answer, but whimpered in pain as Behemoth tightened his grip on Zax's armor.

Fernclaw2016-12-29 18:19:00

However, this new spirit had promised Zax that he would bring back Belle from the dead if Zax only killed Fern. And the spirit had reassured Zax by saying it could be considered a fair trade even- a life for a life. Fern's life for Belle's revival. Simple enough really. Zax knew Fern was probably the only hope for the invasion- but would that really matter? It was a small hope if any, the spirit had told him. Zax simply agreed. This was all simple.

Fernclaw2016-12-29 18:15:34

Fern chuckled, tilting her head. It looked like it was about to rain.
Fern: Well I will agree to that...many things HAVE happened.
She laughed weakly and looked at the pouring rain.
Fern: It's starting to rain really hard. Are you sure you don't want to stay for the night?
Meanwhile, Zax had gathered enough courage to walk back to Fern's house. He hadn't heard Belle's spirit in his head anymore ever since this new spirit had entered.

AMPCheetah2016-12-29 18:07:27

He scratched the back of his neck, wincing. "Yeah, I admit I've been a bit antisocial. And by Hyper, you mean the guy that lost his grip on the cliff? ...A lot of things have happened. I didn't want to get in th middle of it all. But aye! Now you probably do know everyone here!" He was back to crooked smiling. "Plus, it's not too hard to stay concealed when you literally live in the trees and never come down. Haha, I hardly even have my 'land legs' yet.&qu

Fernclaw2016-12-29 18:01:53

Fern's ears perked up as she handed him a glass of water. Her face looked quite suprised however.
Fern: A few years?! Where have you been all this time? I swear I've almost met everyone in the forest, yet I don't recall you ever. That must mean that you were here before...Hyper died?
Fern looked slightly sad for a moment, but she blinked it away with a quick look towards the window.

AMPCheetah2016-12-29 17:55:10

He bit his lip, feeling wierd about going inside someone's house. He'd been outside most of his life. "I'm Konrad. NIce to meet you, Fern. And actually--I've been here for awhile. Probably a few years now in this area." He looked around, his mismatched eyes looking confused and dizzy in this space. "Getting windy outside, huh? Haha." The scar on his face that resembled an "x" made his smile slightly crooked.

Fernclaw2016-12-29 17:54:49

???: To get to the deeper ocean of fate and emotions, you first must be rid of the officious fern that blocks the pathway of revenge.

Fernclaw2016-12-29 17:53:48

Meanwhile, Zax was sitting at the lake, close to sobbing. He was shaking his head violently and erratically, while he splashed at the water below him.
???: You... didn't kill her.
Zax: I know, I know! I just couldn't.
???: Does that mean that the deal is off, young one? I knew you were pathetic from the start.
Zax: I-I just miss Belle and... Hyper. I want them back.
???: Then you know what you must do then. Stop hesitating and just do it already.

Fernclaw2016-12-29 17:50:53

Fern smiled warmly and shook his hand.
Fern: The name is Fernclaw, but most people call me just Fern. What about you? You seem to be new around here.
Fern also noticed there was a change in wind, so someone was close by. She was just hoping it wasn't who she throught it was. However, she just smiled as she ushered Konrad into her house anyways.

AMPCheetah2016-12-29 17:44:31

Konrad smiled back, his huge wings wrapped around himself. "It's only a cut on my foot. I'll be fine." His ears twitched towards Behemoth, hearing his words. "Hey, uh, I think there's someone nearby. Wait---Actually, I know. I haven't been around much though, so I can't identify them." He laughed awkwardly for a moment, his fangs gleaming. "Anyway, do you mind sharing your name, miss?"

Fernclaw2016-12-29 17:37:10

Fern gently touched her wound, but still managed to muster up a polite smile.
Fern: Oh no, you're absolutely fine. Zax has been... gone for a long time. Do you want to come in and let me help heal your wound?
She gestured towards her house in a welcoming fashion, her green eyes regaining their lost spark. Meanwhile, Behemoth landed somewhat close to Fern's house.
Behemoth: What the heck happened to them?

AMPCheetah2016-12-29 17:33:47

-elp. But Obeyda was still there--comforting him. Should he be surprised that she hadn't left him yet? Somehow even though she wasn't doing anything, her presence ensured him that he would be okay.
--But what about Stacey?

AMPCheetah2016-12-29 17:31:46

Konrad staggered back up, casually wiping the blood from his foot off onto his hand. "Really sorry, Miss." He said to Fern, looking embarrassed. "Is there any way I can help you? I'm so sorry." He looked down bashfully. He hadn't meant to cause such a stir in Zax's attitude.
Meanwhile Velius was curled into a ball on the ground, groaning in pain. A burning, stinging sensation had coarsed through his throat. He still couldn't cry. Couldn't scream for h

Fernclaw2016-12-29 17:22:02

Zax shot the electric spear, alerting Behemoth's attention. Fern just barely dodged it, the spear hitting the door of her house. It grazed her arm, causing her to wince in pain as a burn mark appeared on her fur. Zax's eyes widened and he staggered back, his face filled with horror.
Fern: Zax! Are you okay?!
Fern tried to run after him, but Zax dashed off.

AMPCheetah2016-12-29 17:00:50

Kon stumbled back in shock, a piece of glass from the plate slicing his foot. "I-I uh..sorry!" He stretched out his left wing, grasping for something to pull himself out of the way. He left a trail of blood as he hopped back up onto the railing and fell into the grass. The evening light made him squint. "Where do you want me to go? I'll go!" He asked anxiously.

Fernclaw2016-12-29 16:54:50

Zax struggled, the bat person reminding him of his childhood. His voice broke as he started to yell at the creature, feeling his whole body shake from the weight of his actions.
Fern noticed the commotion from outside and stepped outside, only to see Zax aiming his spear. The plate she was holding dropped to the floor and shattered, as Fern's hands went up to her mouth in shock.
Fern: Z-Zax?!

AMPCheetah2016-12-29 16:31:51

Konrad shifted into his more--"human" form and jumped back down onto the porch. "Just curious. Haha, nobody usually notices me..it's interesting. Proceed if you wish; I-I don't make your choices." He tilted his head, looking no more than a small child with his oversized wings and large coruscating eyes.

Fernclaw2016-12-29 16:26:48

Zax finally spoke, hhis voice quivering.
Zax: W-What are you doing?

AMPCheetah2016-12-29 16:24:35

Konrad's ears twitched, and he blinked slowly. He heard Zax, and had an idea of what was about to happen. He morphed into his bat form and glided over to Fern's porch. He landed smoothly right behind Zax, his large wings spread fully. He looked up at Zax, his unmatching eyes large and curious. The bat fluttered up onto another perch to watch.

Fernclaw2016-12-29 16:17:04

Zax spotted Fern through the window and aimed his spear at her, his hand trembling at the trigger. His orange eyes watered as he slowly wiped them away with his armor.

AMPCheetah2016-12-29 15:03:07

Obeyda sighed and walked away. "Alright then.." She went back and sat beside Velius, who was now on the ground, shoulders quivering as he made a slow growling noise to sooth his throat.
"Can i get Stacey? I don't really want to leave you though, in case something happens.."
Velius, still a quivering mess on the ground responded in a stuttery, monotone voice. "Hx's gonx." Obeyda raised an eyebrow. "Gone? As in.. not in the forest at this moment?"

Fernclaw2016-12-29 14:56:44

Zax slowly nodded, his orange eyes narrowing in defeat. His tail blades wrapped around himself protectively, as if Obeyda were about to.. hurt him. He quickly scampered away, yet was still near to Fern's house. Meanwhile, Behemoth was floating in the sky, his purple eyes following the clouds that surrounded him. He growled and swatted at them, his mouth pursed into a scowl.

AMPCheetah2016-12-29 14:49:52

-her head slightly.

AMPCheetah2016-12-29 14:49:30

'Uh..." Kon groaned, lifting himself up from here he had fallen. He was dizzy, on the verge of a headache. Someone's voice had woken him up, and he had fallen out of the tree he was sleeping in. "I suppose I'll just curl up on the ground like a cat then," he'd shrug impassively. He wrapped his large wings around himself and nodded off again.
Obeyda heard Zax and without a second thought cantered toward him. "Hey, are you busy?" She'd ask, tilting

Fernclaw2016-12-29 14:42:57

Zax was walking slowly, his breath hitching with every step. His eyes flinched as he stumbled against a log. His life-armor seemed to be deactivated, and that would puzzle most people. For only a powerful person could be capable of deactivating it. Also, Zax would have to consent first. However, Zax looked rather dejected as he slowly made his way to Fern's house. It was rebuilt from the ashes of Behemoth's rage, perhaps? He saw Fern walking on the inside of the house.

AMPCheetah2016-12-29 14:37:45

-e "abyss". Velius looked towards where the sound was, and adjusted his collar, looking incredibly uncomfortable. His throat was bothering him a lot. "Xr...you uh...I'vx sxxn you bxforx. havxn't I? You look..familiar?" He gasped.

"Velius!! You sound like a robot! Are you okay?" Obeyda exclaimed.
He gasped again, and kept trying to loosten his collar miserably.

AMPCheetah2016-12-29 14:34:12

Obeyda walked up behind Velius and tapped his shoulder hesitantly. He'd spin around smoothly, facing her. "Huh.?" He'd whisper, backing away. Velius almost looked nervous; and Obeyda giggled. "You okay? I wouldn't want you having a heart attack over a little girl tapping you on the shoulder. That would be a wonderful story for Stacey, don'cha think?" Her shrill, airy voice echoed through the area, and then there was a thump sound from inside th

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AMPCheetah2016-12-29 14:25:48

(Alrighty are you continuing your last post?)

Fernclaw2016-12-29 14:24:00

(Im here)

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Fernclaw2016-12-25 17:43:54

Zax was wandering around the lakes, his legs feeling incredibly weak. GTG DANG IT

AMPCheetah2016-12-25 17:39:07

Velius rubbed his sore throat, a wince in his eyes for half a second. Stacey had tried a new device for his voice to bring his speaking range back, but it hurt to speak, so he stayed quiet. He walked beside the lake--away from the trees.
Obeyda, who was sitting in the grass, took notice and decided to try to find out what was wrong with him--to somehow help him, but she feared she would startle him.

Fernclaw2016-12-25 17:27:05

Hey, you can start ;)

AMPCheetah2016-12-25 17:19:55


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