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More Of The Truth

To be honest i'm actually quite weird myself along with Cookie and Rainpie..

Other drawings by EmperorBomb

Oh shit! Belivin's signed o2018-01-16 15:41:22

I'm the weirdest person in the world bruh.

xLegendaryWolfx2017-10-31 05:22:01

I'm the weirdest person in the world bruh.

RubyRain2017-10-30 20:15:45

Being an outcast? Yeah it sucks, but in the future- no one will care because we'll all be tending to our families and jobs :>

I drew something for you, if it makes things any better

RubyRain2017-10-30 20:14:43

Woah there buddy, that's deep

I'm gonna quickly answer some of these.

Having secrets? Normal as heck, even for us carefree children.
Being an "active" & "fit" person takes time and dedication, once you realize what you really want, you will work for it. Just think, if that's what you really want to become.
Deviant being a... place for "older" people, is normal too. Sometimes, we all just need a moment to be "older" people.
Being an o

Bomby2017-10-30 19:13:42

So yeah, i haven't got that bad of a life but i assure you, i might as well live life as it were to be my last day. Which it possibilly could..

Bomby2017-10-30 19:12:06

I'm an outcast at school with Cook and Rain except we have a few friends, so i guess we're not that much of anti-socials. I've got a specially, hypocritical, mentally challanged, little brother. (At least he act like it)

Bomby2017-10-30 19:08:10

So for years i was addicted to that type of stuff, and as well it took me years to finally realize what i was doing was a special kind of messed up, and i got out of that department..like i took of, fast...look i am kinda like Gizmo ze geek, except i don't draw fandoms and i'm not, well, a geek. (No offense Gizmo) I'm not very bright and i'm mostly composed of video game music and drawings. Fun Fact: I never learned subtraction in 3rd grade. Thats how much of a loser i am.

Bomby2017-10-30 19:01:18

When i was a lee little guy, about seven to six years of age...then i discovered this thing we all know and love called Deviantart. I was looking at one of my favorite video games idols, Sonic the hedgehog. So i was enjoying those pictures, maybe part of the reason i love art today, and i ACCIDENTILLY stumbled across, you guessed it, the fandom part of that universe...the bad fandom. I saw the unknown horrors of that side, and i actually 'liked' some of those pictures.

Bomby2017-10-30 18:54:10

I always set goals to make myself i fit human being but i just never meet those standards. I definitly know YouTube isn't for me nowadays and i like most of the creators there today. But there are so many things i just think of first when i do things like. I'm not supposed to be viewing this and i'm like, screw it i'm going anyways. Now this one i've wanted to get offf my mind for so long..

Bomby2017-10-30 18:50:34

If like to do thing that are very unlike me, a carefree, artistic young lad. Secrets? i've got thousands. Habits? very abnormal. Myself, well i had a growing love for art and motion pictures. I have got a bad habit of doing, 'things'. I don't like to listen to pop, hip-hop, or any kind of today music for that matter. I always kinda liked animation memes and watching well, mostly female related things..

I'm the little chubby kid even if my family say i'm not. I�

RubyRain2017-10-30 18:40:14


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