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Morning practice with Pokemon ..

identify the pokemon , if not click 5 stars ..

Other drawings by vividh

dialga2014-01-08 12:07:25

Everyone keeps saying it's Dophan, but first I thought it was a green Whirlipede.

dstar8132013-10-17 21:52:29


no name2012-11-22 04:18:19

i know its dophan

Cosmic_the_Fox2012-10-19 15:15:49


The someone2012-09-04 10:21:25

i just put 5 stars 'cause the ice is cool... but that is it

Deathnote4Ever2012-08-16 12:07:29

click five stars if you cant identify?... your just trying to get a good rating -.-. im not dumb. srry but i will click one star. wait or maybe i wont even rate.

vividh2012-07-16 08:10:32

it took me loads loads of hrs to make that " ICE " effect ... ...

vividh2012-07-16 08:02:55

thnx ...;D

TealSlurKitty2012-06-21 18:21:43

It looks like the original donphan from gold/silver/crystal curled up into a ball. Or almaldo.... anorith?

TealSlurKitty2012-06-21 18:00:42

I'm a girl and I like pokemon... I has a reshiram and I killz u wit it ;3


Reshiram lvl 69 Blastoise lvl 100 Meganium lvl 89

Dragonite lvl 81 Miltank lvl 69 Pigdeot lvl 78

please2012-06-18 17:27:56

i like it but i only put one star plus what the heck is the because to me i looks likes a green pig in a blanket and you may think im crazy because im a girl but shewolf is also a girl and im sorry but not a very know what it is pic so ummm yup work harder next time.

Kat2012-06-18 15:48:21

It looks fromiliar I just forgo the name.

deathnote2012-06-18 14:23:10

umm that doesnt even look like any pokemon, but if i had to guess i would go with shewolf about what she siad (im not going to put five stars)

shewolf2012-06-17 13:45:44

or doesent look like a pokemon at all

shewolf2012-06-17 13:45:05

looks like donphan rolled up in a ball.

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